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Vinay Chadha From Indian Matchmaking: Instagram & Season 2 Update; What Happened Between Him and Nadia Jagessar?

Aug 12, 2022 @ 9:58 EDT
Vinay Chadha From Indian Matchmaking: Instagram & Season 2 Update; What Happened Between Him and Nadia Jagessar?

Vinay Chadha, one of the cast members of Netflix's Indian Matchmaking, is currently making headlines even if he is not in Season 2. While Nadia frequently accuses him to be the reason for their separation, Vinay took on his Instagram (@chadhaforthevin) to clarify what actually happened between them. Additionally, Vinay Chadha also claimed that he was the one who got ghosted.

The Netflix reality dating series Indian Matchmaking brings the idea of desi arranged marriages into the spotlight by combining traditional and modern elements in a fascinating way. This is due to the fact that it centers around renowned matchmaker Sima Taparia, who uses her decades of experience to discover virtually ideal life partners for young individuals in both India and the US.

Nadia Jagessar who was also a part of Season 1 is back again for the second edition of the show. Like in the debut season, Nadia had high hopes for her romantic life but concluded the season with nobody by her side. She almost had a good bond with Shekar Jayaraman but the couple split by the end of the second season.

Similarly, a lot of viewers have been curious to know about Vinay Chadha who Nadia was initially paired up with. They seem more information about him as well as the reason why their relationship didn't work out. Well, we've got you covered.

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Vinay Chadha From Indian Matchmaking Season 1 Claims That Nadia Jagessar Was the One Who Ghosted Him and the Reason for Their Separation: Instagram & Season 2 Update!

Vinay Chadha, 39, is the head of finance for a chain of premium gyms. He was born in January 1983 and is a Bridgeport, Connecticut native. Vinay attended Boston College to earn his BA in Accounting and Finance. Even if he is not back for Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking, he is still making headlines as Nadia Jagessar frequently accuses him of their ruined relationship. However, things changed for audiences after he made a post about their separation on his Instagram (@chadhaforthevin).

After finishing college, he remained in Boston to earn his MSc in Accounting. Vinay had previously worked for Bloomberg and The New York Times before becoming a CFO. He is both Hindu and a vegan, as we observed on the reality show.

Nadia was set up with Vinay Chadha for dinner following her unsuccessful date with Guru. Her relationship with Vinay, however, was instant. Then, with things appearing to be going well for the couple, Vinay and Nadia were sent on a few more dates on the show.

However, when Vinay held Nadia up on their scheduled movie night, things took a bad turn. He returned the following day to apologize, saying he was ill and bringing flowers and chocolates as gifts. Nadia was hesitant, but she forgave him.

A few days later, Nadia was upset and ashamed when Vinay Chadha skipped dinner with her friends. That appeared to be the end of Vinay and Nadia's relationship. Vinay later addressed the issue on social media to clarify what truly happened in Indian Matchmaking. He later claimed that he texted Nadia on both occasions and that she ghosted him on the second occasion. He wrote,

Overall I was happy to have done the show and dated Nadia. Did I make mistakes? Of course. Did I own and try to fix it and learn? Of course. The truth is we were supposed to hang out one night after a wedding she was at. I had a family issue during that night and intended to still come, hence I texted on my way. I was def[initely] unclear and vague and not responsive and I own that. I should never have made her wait or been stupid enough to not share the real reason. Over the next week, I explained that to her and could see it bothered her. As such, I wanted to meet the friends that I would have met after the wedding (not what you saw on Netflix) and met one and explained it. I also sent her flowers and her favorite candies and cookies to show I’m all in.

Vinay Chadha concluded the post by claiming he was the one who was left heartbroken and ghosted. He also wrote that his feelings were real and he never flakes without good reason.

The Indian Matchmaking star admitted that his emotions were genuine and that he takes responsibility for his errors. Fans have been criticizing Vinay Chadha for his despicable actions, so when he posted a whole different version of events, they began to doubt the Season 1 cast.

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