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True Crime Magazine: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroids Led the Police to Arrest Him; Real/Original 'Photos/Pictures' of His Victims; A Graphic Look Inside His Dresser Drawer; Reddit Update!

Oct 1, 2022 @ 0:16 EDT
True Crime Magazine: Jeffrey Dahmer’s Polaroids Led the Police to Arrest Him; Real/Original 'Photos/Pictures' of His Victims; A Graphic Look Inside His Dresser Drawer; Reddit Update!

True Crime Magazine posted 6 original/real polaroids that were found by the police on Jeffrey Dahmer's dresser drawer. The photos/pictures were of his victims in different poses after their death. Find the pictures in an article titled' A Graphic Look Inside' in the magazine. Similarly, some Reddit users want to know what happened to Jeffrey after his arrest.

Since DAHMER - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Netflix's fictionalized depiction of Jeffrey Dahmer's infamous killings, was released, people have been anxiously searching the internet for the genuine stories of the victims and Dahmer's family members. The notorious serial murderer, who preyed on Black, Latino, and Asian males in public places between 1978 and 1991, would kill and dismember them in his Milwaukee apartment after committing his crimes.

The Crime Museum states that Jeffrey Dahmer's gruesome murders included r*pe, dismemberment, necrophilia, and cannibalism. Even though his horrifying murdering rampage went unnoticed for over ten years, Polaroid photos eventually helped authorities arrest him.

The polaroid pictures were too much to handle for ordinary people, hence, most news magazines didn't really make those polaroids public. However, an unverified website named True Crime Magazine has posted some of the pictures on their website. Meanwhile, some Reddit users don't want to see the pictures but want to know what is really in the polaroids. Well, we've got you covered.

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True Crime Magazine Has Posted 6 Original Pictures/Photos Among the 84 Real Polaroids Found on Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment: A Graphic Look Inside His Dresser Drawer; What Did He Do to His Victims? Reddit Update!

True Crime Magazine only has posted only 6 polaroids among the 84 pictures found in the dresser drawer of Jeffrey Dahmer. It's unknown how the magazine got the pictures but the photos are too brutal and disturbing. If you wish to see them, click right here.

After bringing victims back to his apartment, Dahmer would molest them after they passed away by giving them drinks that were spiked with drugs. Additionally, he would dismember their bodies and keep memorabilia such as organs, genitalia, and other body parts. He frequently took pictures of his victims during various phases of the murder process, according to Biography, so he could remember each deed later and relive the experience.

According to a 1994 article in The American Journal of Forensic Medicine and Pathology, Dahmer frequently felt lonely and wanted memories to keep him company. According to ELLE Australia, during their investigation, police also discovered drawings that revealed the serial killer's intentions to use the pictures, painted skeletons, and skulls to create an altar in his apartment.

Tracy Edwards, Dahmer's last victim, was able to escape his apartment on July 22, 1991, and survived to tell about it. Tracy, according to ABC News, helped Milwaukee police find 84 Polaroid photos in a nightstand drawer. This put a stop to Dahmer's murderous cannibalistic rampage. The graphic pictures, according to ELLE Australia, showed Dahmer engaged in necrophilia as well as his victim's bodies placed in provocative poses with their backs arched. Officer Rolf Mueller was reportedly in disbelief when he told his partner.

For his crimes, Jeffrey Dahmer received 16 life sentences. Crime Museum estimated that Dahmer received a total sentence of 957 years. Dahmer was initially kept in solitary confinement for his own protection at Wisconsin's Columbia Correctional Institution. After a year, he moved with his own consent to a less safe apartment. In May 1994, Dahmer was baptized and became a born-again Christian. He also attended weekly sessions with a clergyman.

Early in 1992, when Dahmer's case went to trial, he entered pleas of guilty to 15 Wisconsin murder counts and a 16th Ohio murder count. Dahmer would have remained behind bars for the remainder of his life regardless of what transpired if there had been no chance for parole.

Jeffrey Dahmer left his cell on November 28, 1994, to complete his two-hour daily chore of cleaning the restroom block. He was accompanied by Jesse Anderson and Christopher Scarver, two other prisoners. Soon after 8 am, Dahmer was discovered on the floor with significant head wounds after being left unattended in the prison gym's shower area. He looked as though a metal bar had been used to beat him. After being transferred to the hospital, Dahmer was declared dead an hour later. Anderson was also struck with the bar and passed away two days later from his wounds.

Despite receiving a 957-year sentence in full, Jeffrey Dahmer was only imprisoned for three years and four months. That's because Dahmer's prison sentence was terminated on November 28, 1994, when Christopher Scarver, a fellow prisoner at the Columbia Correctional Institution in Portage, Wisconsin, beat Dahmer to death.

Dahmer spent a total of three years, four months, and six days in jail from the time of his arrest on July 22, 1991, until his death at the age of 34. His formal sentencing came on February 17, 1992, and it took two years, nine months, and 11 days for him to pass away.

Additionally, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now available on Netflix.

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