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Was Scott Foster Involved With Tim Donaghy and His Gambling Scam? How Close Were the Two NBA Referees? Netflix’s Untold Unveils the Truth About the 2007 NBA Betting Scandal!

Sep 7, 2022 @ 0:17 EDT
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Was Scott Foster Involved With Tim Donaghy and His Gambling Scam? How Close Were the Two NBA Referees? Netflix’s Untold Unveils the Truth About the 2007 NBA Betting Scandal!

Scott Foster was eventually suspected of getting involved in the gambling scam right after Tim Donaghy was found guilty. The two NBA referees were very close to each other and were frequently in touch through phone contacts. As a result, many people, including FBI agents, investigated Scott. However, he was later found not guilty as he was unaware of everything Tim did.

No one knows the name of the referee if they are doing their job well. But everyone is familiar with Tim Donaghy. The most recent entry in Netflix's renowned UNTOLD series of standalone sports documentaries, Operation Flagrant Foul, gives us an inside look at the NBA's biggest scandal: the revelation that one of the league's referees had placed bets on games and may have even manipulated them.

It was a shocking story when it initially surfaced, but this is the first time we have Donaghy's version of events directly from the source. The 2007 NBA Betting Scandal, which involves allegations that certain NBA officials purposefully sided with specific results for personal gain, is brought to light by the sports documentary series. Despite these accusations, only Tim Donaghy was ultimately found guilty, and the manner in which this all unfolded was no less suspicious.

You've probably heard the name of Scott Foster if you've been a fan of the NBA. The legendary referee was also accused of being involved with Tim Donaghy in the scam. Well, here is everything we know about the rumors regarding the involvement of Scott with Tim in detail.

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Even if the Two NBA Referees Were Very Close to Each Other, Scott Foster Was Not Involved With Tim Donaghy in the 2007 NBA Gambling Scandal: What Actually Happened?

As soon as Tim Donaghy was investigated by the FBI, the 304 phone contacts Scott Foster made with Donaghy between December 2006 and April 2007—when Donaghy had admitted to sharing insider information with two well-known gamblers—got him in trouble with the press.

Foster was convicted by the general public for no other reason than what he describes as a friendly friendship that started 17 years ago in a Los Angeles airport when two young guys with the same dream first started talking to one another. And he had to accept that, however unintentionally and unwillingly, a man he had formerly regarded as a close friend possibly engaged him in the worst scandal in league history.

However, Scott remained silent and he awaited the FBI's investigation, which turned up no proof that Foster was involved in any unlawful activity. He also awaited Lawrence Pedowitz, a third-party investigator commissioned by the NBA to look into the Donaghy controversy, to publicly exonerate him in a 133-page report made public in 2008, eight of which were solely devoted to Foster.

Tim Donaghy and Scott Foster kept in touch as their careers developed, but Foster remarked that they didn't spend much time together. Donaghy and Foster did speak on the phone frequently. Foster was aware of his potential involvement in the investigation when NBA Commissioner David Stern announced during a news conference in July 2007 that the league was looking into Donaghy.

Despite everything, the former had no hard proof against him. He was subsequently exonerated by the FBI and the private investigator retained by the NBA, allowing him to resume his regular life, his beloved work, and his passions with the exception of one friend.

Although the general public did publicly criticize him, his subsequent expertise and dedication to his work helped to dispel most of their concerns. But Scott's name is still frequently associated with what he considers to be the worst thing that has happened in pro sports in some manner.

However, as seen by the fact that he continues to work as an NBA referee today, Scott has not and is determined to not let any aspect of this gambling incident trouble him in the long run.

Additionally, UNTOLD: Operation Flagrant Foul is currently streaming on Netflix.

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