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Stranger Things: Buy the Flashlight and Other Merch on Amazon, Walmart and Target!

Jun 3, 2022 @ 14:25 EDT
Stranger Things: Buy the Flashlight and Other Merch on Amazon, Walmart and Target!

Fans of Netflix's Stranger Things are really interested in the show's merch, especially the flashlight. Well, the Demorgogon hunting flashlight by Energizer is available on Walmart, Target, and Amazon. The flashlight is available in America, Australia, and Canada among other countries. Furthermore, the show also has collaborated with multiple brands like Zara and H&M for the clothing merchandise.

Stranger Things is an American science fiction television series created by The Duffer Brothers.  It initially premiered as a Netflix original series on July 15, 2016. The show is set in Hawkins, Indiana in the mid-1980s and is set in a fictional community.

The first season, which opens in November 1983, follows several groups of characters as they investigate Will Byers' disappearance. The second and third seasons expand the narrative scope, digging deeper into the consequences of the events of November 1983.

Stranger Things is the only show that has continuously provided season after season of bangers after bangers. With each season, the show improves even more. The show appeared to have reached its peak of excellence now that the new season has launched on the streaming platform.

Similarly, many of the fans of the Netflix show are curious to learn and buy about the show's merch, especially the famous flashlight. So, let's know everything about the merch in detail and where we can buy them.

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Stranger Things Merchandise: Where Can We Buy Energizer’s Flashlight and Other Merch?

Stranger Things' characters live in the 1980s throughout the four seasons, therefore there are no cellphones to assist them on their adventures. Instead, they communicate with each other using walkie-talkies and navigate using paper road maps. Furthermore, they always carry large flashlights in order to see inside the gloomy locations they find themselves in, such as the Upside Down.

Fans wonder where they can find the show's merch, especially the flashlight. Well, with Energizer's new Demorgogon hunting flashlight, you can now pretend to be a member of the gang.

Energizer's collector's edition Demogorgon hunting flashlight is currently available for $25 on Amazon, $19.97 on Walmart, and $19.99 on Target. The device features an antique silver base with a yellow button that turns on the light within, similar to the ones shown on Stranger Things.

This device is nearly seven inches long and includes a shatterproof lens with a beam distance of 90 meters. It also has an IPX4 weatherproof classification, which means it can resist water sprays from all sides, which is ideal if you're out in the rain a lot. It also includes two Energizer batteries with an 80-hour duration, giving you plenty of time to find a Demogorgon.

Fans will, however, find a few Easter eggs hidden within this flashlight. Morse code is regularly used in the show. Energizer has taken this concept a step further by laser-etching a hidden message of dots and dashes into the flashlight's collar for you to decode.

Furthermore, the device features a secret chamber at the bottom that carries another covert note. The Hawkins National Laboratory logo and a distinctive character signature are printed on the flashlight body. In addition to that, Stranger Things has collaborated with multiple international brands like H&M and Zara for their clothing merchandise

Where Does Stranger Things Season 4 Take Place?

Season 4 of Netflix's Stranger Things, like the previous three seasons, is mainly based in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, and its Upside Down version. All of the flashback scenes are also placed in Hawkins. Joyce, Jonathan, Will, and Eleven have moved to the fictional town of Lenora, California, as revealed at the start of the season.

Hopper is transferred to an unknown place in Russia after the explosion that destroyed the 'Key' in season 3. He is tortured there, yet he does not reveal anything to his captors. He is eventually taken to a prison on the Kamchatka Peninsula.

Joyce and Murray fly to Nome, Alaska, after finding that Hopper is still alive, to pay $40,000 to a Russian smuggler, Enzo, in order to reclaim Hopper. Nancy and Robin pay a visit to Pennhurst Mental Hospital in Kerley County, Indiana, in episode 4. In episode 6, titled The Dive, Mike, Will, and the others pay a visit to Suzie's home in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Nevada is also featured in the fourth season. Eleven is taken to the Nina Project's headquarters by Dr. Owens, where she is reunited with Brenner. She regains her powers and remembers what happened at Hawkins Lab on September 8, 1979, with his help.

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