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Bad Vegan: Stacy Strangis' Plastic Surgery Face Implies Botox, Fillers & More!

Mar 21, 2022 @ 11:05 EDT
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Bad Vegan: Stacy Strangis' Plastic Surgery Face Implies Botox, Fillers & More!

Stacy Strangis' plastic surgery allegedly includes Botox injections and fillers on her face, along with several other cosmetic enhancements. The Bad Vegan alum on Netflix was married to Anthony Strangis and she shares her story in the docuseries. When it comes to her age, Stacy from Bad Vegan is 50 years old in 2022. Let's take a look at Stacy Avery Strangis' plastic surgery efforts on her face.

You may be familiar with the true-crime culprit Sarma Melngailis from Bad Vegan on Netflix, but you may be unfamiliar with her ex-husband. Anthony Strangis, a co-conspirator and another convicted felon in the fraud that landed them both in jail and sent her raw vegan food empire crashing down.

While Melngailis is the star and one of the cast members of Netflix's docuseries Bad Vegan: Fame, Fraud, and Fugitives, Strangis is a fascinating figure who was also essential to the weird fraud at the center of Bad Vegan.

Fans are also curious to know about Anthony's ex-wife, Stacy Strangis. After we researched Stacy, we found that there has been some serious conversation going on about her plastic surgery. Let's find out if Stacy Strangis has undergone any plastic surgery.

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Stacy Strangis' Plastic Surgery: Why Does Her Face Look Unnatural?

Netflix docu-series Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives. uncovers how vegan restaurateur Sarma Melngailis illegally transferred money to her husband in order for him to pay a deity to grant them immortality. It discusses both Sarma and Anthony's history. Similarly, it also mentions Anthony Strangis' ex-wife, Stacy Avery Strangis.

Stacy Strangis is a strong and independent lady who has always had a very ordinary life, until she met Anthony Strangis in Tampa, Florida, in 2004.

Following Anthony's bizarre and frightening comments, Stacy Strangis never left her children alone with him, but the number of their conflicts rose to the point where he began spending half of his time at his father's house.

According to the Netflix production, Anthony had done everything from convincing her that he was a Navy SEAL officer shot in the line of duty to convincing her that demons were for his life to pawning her diamonds alongside his father to fund their apparent gambling addiction.

Then, seemingly out of nowhere, he left her with no warning, no note, no nothing, leaving her to raise the two children alone.

Stacy Strangis also describes everything about Anthony in the docuseries. Meanwhile, viewers noticed that Stacy's face didn't look natural at all. They took it seriously and did research deeply.

Stacy Strangis seems to have done multiple plastic surgery treatments, at least on her face, most likely Botox injections and fillers.

Netflix also showed her picture with Anthony when they were together. Comparing how she looked before and how she looks now, it is certain that she definitely did plastic surgery.

The 50-year-old Stacy seems to have undergone lips, cheekbone, and nose surgery. However, this information is completely based on speculations only. Stacy Strangis herself has never stated anything about her transformation.

So, let's take it as a rumor only for now. We'll update you as soon as we get any official information from our sources.

Bad Vegan: Where is Stacy Avery Strangis Now?

Because Stacy Strangis had genuinely fallen in love with Anthony, it took nearly a year for her to regain her feeling of normality, and it took even longer for her to truly move on. But after she learned how he'd treated her, she thought he was wrong, which is why she submitted a letter to the court supervising Sarma's case, asking for assistance.

According to the docuseries, she told that there were too many lies to recall and she did not want to think about it. She also revealed that Anthony made her life a living nightmare. She added that Anthony robbed her and left her penniless with a baby.

Stacy Strangis currently resides in Palmetto, Florida, where she appears to have made a wonderful life for herself and her family as an oral surgical assistant. In other words, after receiving the necessary qualifications from the Concorde Career Institute in Tampa, she now appears to be content to be working in the field of dentistry. She appeared to be delighted with her existing circumstances.

Bad Vegan not only explores stories about Sarma and Anthony, but it also presents opinions from many people related to Sarma and Anthony like Sarma's father, Sarma's sister, Sarma's friend, Sarma's former lawyer, Anthony's associates, Anthony's ex-wife, and many more. The docuseries premiered on March 16, 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

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