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Noah Schnapp Wearing a Harness: What Was the Instagram Post About? Did It Reveal Anything About Stranger Things Season 4?

Jul 3, 2022 @ 11:50 EDT
Noah Schnapp Wearing a Harness: What Was the Instagram Post About? Did It Reveal Anything About Stranger Things Season 4?

Noah Schnapp, one of the cast members of Netflix's Stranger Things, posted an Instagram post a month ago where he was seen wearing a harness. Many viewers thought it actually hinted that his character, Will, would be haunted by Vecna. Well, now that Volume 2 of Season 4 is available, here is everything we know about Noah Schnapp wearing a harness.

This chaotic season of Netflix's Stranger Things has come to a close with Volume 2 of season 4, and what a finale it was. The Upside Down has once again rocked the beloved citizens of Hawkins, Indiana, but this is only the beginning of the end since a new season is on the way.

The purpose of the final two episodes of Stranger Things season 4 is to destroy Vecna. The end result is a massive final fight in which characters from all across cooperate to defeat the evil.

Apart from the show, Noah Schnapp has been gaining a lot of attention as he recently posted a picture of himself wearing a harness. Multiple theories and speculations were made. Well, since the new season is out already, here are the facts and truths behind Noah wearing a harness.

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Noah Schnapp Wearing a Harness: What Was the Post About?

Noah Schnapp posted a few, 5 to be accurate, BTS pictures and clips of Stranger Things Season 4 a month ago. One of the pictures showed Noah taking a selfie wearing a harness adding a caption, "Harnessed up."

A harness is actually a set of straps and fittings by which a horse or other draft animal is fastened to a cart, plow, etc., and is controlled by its driver. Somehow it is used by movie/series makers to film flying scenes. Similarly, fans had previously speculated that it might indicate that Vecna would eventually pull his character, Will, into the air at some point in volume 2.

Fans were wondering and concerned why on earth Noah Schnapp (@noahschnapp) needed to wear a harness given that all Will really did in Volume 1 was do a little bit of painting, a little bit of skating, and take a road trip to Salt Lake City.

Fans had no idea what the California gang were doing or where they would be going after (probably, based on Noah's BTS photographs) reuniting with Eleven in the Nevada desert because they are notably missing from the Volume 2 trailer.

Now that Volume 2 has been dropped, we can do nothing but accept the fact that Noah Schnapp did really fool us. Yes, his character, Will, never confronted Vecna during the season finale battle. Will along with Mike, Eleven, Jonathan, and Argyle actually helped their friends from another side of the country.

However, the harness was definitely used to lift Sadie Sink, who plays the role of Max. She was Vecna's fourth target and almost got killed by Vecna. Fortunately, Eleven helps Max and defeats Vecna on time. Max is still injured and unconscious but she still is alive. We have to wait for another season to see if she survives.

Therefore, Noah Schnapp has nothing to do with the harness. He was able to fool each and every one of us. In fact, it's our fault as well, thinking he'd really give us a hint about the upcoming episodes.

Netflix Crashed After Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 Was Released!

After Stranger Things 4's final two episodes, which had been eagerly awaited, were released, there was a brief period of time early on Friday when Netflix's streaming service was not available.

When Stranger Things 4 Volume 2 went live at 3 a.m. ET, user claims of Netflix difficulties escalated, according to the global uptime-monitoring website Downdetector. Prior to the issue appearing to be repaired within a half-hour, Netflix error complaints peaked at almost 13,000 at the top of the hour.

In its first four weeks of release, Stranger Things 4 already holds the record for being the No. 1 English-language series on the service, according to data provided by Netflix based on total viewing hours.

The combined running time of the two episodes of Season 4 Volume 2 is a little under four hours: Episode 8 is 85 minutes long, while Episode 9 is 150 minutes.

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