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Are Nadia Jagessar and Shekar Jayaraman From Indian Matchmaking Still Together? Reddit, Season 2 & Wedding Update; Did They Get Married? Where Are They Now?

Aug 13, 2022 @ 12:22 EDT
Are Nadia Jagessar and Shekar Jayaraman From Indian Matchmaking Still Together? Reddit, Season 2 & Wedding Update; Did They Get Married? Where Are They Now?

Nadia Jagessar and Shekar Jayaraman, one of the couples from Netflix's Indian Matchmaking Season 1, are not together anymore. As seen in Season 2, the couple decided to split ways as soon as Nadia met Vishal Kalyanasundaram. Some Reddit users wondered about their relationship. Well, as of now, they still remain friends with each other. However, fans really wanted them to get married and plan a typical Indian wedding.

Netflix's Indian Matchmaking is a reality series that provides us with a look at the real-world application of the historic practice of desi arranged marriages. This is due to the fact that it centers upon renowned matchmaker Sima Taparia as she makes an attempt to help ambitious, strong-willed singles in finding their almost ideal life partners.

Nadia Jagessar was one of the popular personalities from Season 1 who returned for the Season 2 of the reality show, which premiered on Wednesday. The Indo-Guyanese-American woman faced some challenges in the first season of the show after Vinay Chadha appeared to ghost her.

At the end of Season 1, Nadia interacted with Shekar Jayaraman, whose joyful meeting in Season 1 undoubtedly warmed the hearts of the audience. As mentioned above, she is back for the second season and some viewers want to know about what happened between them. Are Nadia and Shekar still together? Well, let's find it out right below.

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Nadia Jagessar and Shekar Jayaraman From Indian Matchmaking Are Not Together but Still Remain to Be Friends After Nadia Met and Felt More Connection With Vishal Kalyanasundaram: Reddit, Season 2 & Wedding Update; Why Didn’t They Get Married? Where Are They Now?

Nadia Jagessar and Shekar Jayaraman are not together anymore. As seen in Season 2 of Indian Matchmaking, the couple split ways after Nadia met and felt more connection with Vishal Kalyanasundaram. As Reddit users wonder if they are still friends. As of now, they're in touch with each other but we wish the couple had decided to stay together, get married, and plan a perfect Indian wedding.

At the age of 33, Nadia Christina Jagessar (@nadiajagessar) made her television debut in season 1 of Indian Matchmaking. She operates her Euphoria Events event planning company out of Morris Plains, New Jersey. Nadia stated in her introduction that her ancestors were a part of the Guyanan Indian community.

Nadia was initially given three profiles by Sima, and after considering them, she chose to meet with lawyer Ravi Guru Singh because his mother is also Guyanese. Nevertheless, after their first date, the two came to the conclusion that they were incompatible and parted ways.

Nadia was subsequently paired with fitness businessman Vinay Chadha; the two hit it off right away and went on several dates over the course of two months. Things started to go wrong when Vinay canceled a date with her

Nadia was initially offended, but after the fitness entrepreneur sent her many gifts to express regret, they made up. However, the event organizer decided to call it quits and end the romance when Vinay supposedly failed to show up to the meet and greet with Nadia's friends.

At this point, Shekar Jayaraman ( @shekarjayaraman_), a lawyer from Chicago, Illinois, was introduced to Nadia. It's interesting to note that he had previously gone on a date with Aparna Shewakramani, however that date did not go well. Shekar took Nadia and her mother Namita on a boat ride around the Chicago River for their first date.

Fans couldn't help but fawn over Nadia and Shekar's following romantic date, as their season 1 storyline concluded with them strolling hand in hand through the streets of Chicago, each expressing their love for the other.

As seen in Season 2, Nadia and Shekar are not together anymore. It was revealed at the beginning of Season 2 that the two did stay in touch after their first meeting, and he visited Nadia's family while she made another journey to Chicago.

Sima wondered why the two had not decided to move forward given their easy connection and apparent potential. It appeared that they were still suspicious of one another and had not given their relationship a clear romantic label.

Nadia later met Vishal Kalyanasundaram. She was first worried about Vishal being seven years her junior, but she soon became captivated by his sense of romance and maturity. As a result, the New Jersey resident lost the romantic chemistry she had with Shekar and, after speaking with Sima, made the decision to end it.

After a heartbreaking conversation, Nadia and Shekar ultimately decided to split ways. He revealed to the producers that he felt slightly betrayed after seeing her make out with Vishal at the party.

Shekar was aware of their separation, but the lawyer seemed to have had feelings for her at the time. The Chicago lawyer claimed he intended to move slowly and had made an effort to be open, but it seemed possible that he had misunderstood what Nadia wanted.

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