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Welcome to Eden: Meet Mayka/Maika; Played by Real Trans Actress, Lola Rodriguez!

May 11, 2022 @ 9:43 EDT
Welcome to Eden: Meet Mayka/Maika; Played by Real Trans Actress, Lola Rodriguez!

Mayka, one of the cast members in Netflix's Welcome to Eden (originally titled Bienvenidos an Edén), is a security chief at Eden foundation. Lola Rodriguez plays the role of Mayka/Maika who is a trans girl in real life. She eventually falls in love with Charly in the show, however, the couple does not end up together. Go through the article to know more about Mayka from Netflix's Welcome to Eden.

The Spanish thriller series Welcome to Eden (originally titled Bienvenidos an Edén) on Netflix is created by Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez Sanchez. The story follows Zoa and four other young people who receive an invitation to an exclusive party on a secret island via social media. The event, which is being arranged and sponsored by the brand of a new beverage, promises to be a blast. However, the seemingly paradisal location quickly proves to be far from ideal.

With each episode, the plot shifts and accelerates, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The overall tone of the story and the surroundings in which the characters find themselves highlight these changes in the plot. The cast of the show is highly diversified.  Mayka is one of the Eden Foundation's young women members. Well, let's find out more about who Maika really is.

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Who Is Mayka From Netflix’s Welcome to Eden?

Mayka is the security chief of Eden foundation and is obsessed with technology. She has a lot of armor and an inner world because she has been through a lot and found her place in Eden. Moreover, Mayka is played by a trans actress, Lola Rodriguez (@lolarodriguez), who describes her character as very strong, very self-confident, and very independent.

Mayka is a blue-haired drone operator who keeps an eye on everyone. She also pretends to be a DJ in the first episode, and she strikes up a conversation with Charly when he requests a song. She then plays him the song and ushers him away.

After Africa returns to the island and makes the decision to remain in Eden, she assists Mayka in composing a parting message for her followers, claiming she requires a break from social media. We see glimmers of how this cult operates as the kids take the leap.

Mayka isn't at her console to watch as Ibon tries to escape the community, since she's busy having sex with Charly in a separate place. After observing Charly's relationship with his mother, she becomes very upset. At the same time, she reveals to Charly that she arrived on the island on her own. Unless she came on the boats as well, there's no doubt about how.

Anyway, Mayka noticed what they were up to and went looking for a location that would accept her as one of their own without judgment. She quickly felt like part of their family.

Back on the island, Africa and Mayka work their magic to make the 15th anniversary a success. This takes us back to the beginning of the show when the message appears on the screen. The rebellion had begun.

In the final episode, Mayka arrives at Astrid's place on the island but observes the blood spatter on the floor outside. Eva and Alma are introduced as new members of the council after it was re-established. Their true mission, however, is to greet the 100 new birds that are going to arrive on the island for the new festival.

After a few days apart, Charly approaches Mayka and confesses that he loves her. He wants to leave and invites her to join him. She refuses, arguing that doing so would be suicide. Ulises appears and takes her back to camp while they kiss.

On the other hand, Ulises has plans for all of them, putting them to work in time for the festival. Unfortunately, this makes their escape preparations that much more difficult. Charly makes it onto the boat in the distance, but Mayka hovers her drone nearby. She softly agrees to be quiet and moves the drone away by pressing his finger to his lips.

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