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Fake Tears by Andrew Liu on Love Is Blind Season 3: Were His Tears Real or Did He Use the Eye Drops? Twitter & Reddit Update!

Oct 21, 2022 @ 4:58 EDT
Fake Tears by Andrew Liu on Love Is Blind Season 3: Were His Tears Real or Did He Use the Eye Drops? Twitter & Reddit Update!

Andrew Liu, one of the cast members of Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 3, produced fake tears using eye drops after Nancy rejected his proposal of marriage. Later, he said that nobody has ever brought tears to his eyes except Nancy in the confessional video. Fans on Reddit and Twitter are disappointed over the fact that the show is considered a reality show and Andrew did it on camera. As if it was not enough, he asked one of the off-camera producers before he did it.

As of October 19th, Love Is Blind Season 3 is now available on Netflix, continuing the renowned experiment in romantic relationships. Like in seasons one and two, a large number of new individuals enter the pods in the latest season in the hopes of finding love without ever seeing the other person's face.

Andrew Liu and Nancy Rodriguez, two members of the cast, become closer in Episode 3 of the current season, and Andrew proposes to her. With the exception of his preference for traveling as escapism, Andrew had up to this moment seemed like a good decision. However, when the time for a proposal came, Nancy refused, contrary to our expectations that she would be open to the smooth-talking voice through the wall. Why? She claims that Andrew is only portraying a mask. She had a fresh insight that she had not yet discussed in any confessionals.

Andrew sits down for a confessional and puts millions of eye drops in his eyes just when you think things can't possibly get much messier. After that, he says, "I never thought I could care for someone who brought me to tears." Yes, he actually did that with his fake tears. With this, there has been a fuss going on all over the internet, especially on Reddit and Twitter. Well, let's discuss it in detail.

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Fake Tears by Andrew Liu on Love Is Blind Season 3: The Wildlife Photographer Used Eye Drops to Produce Not-So-Real Tears After Nancy Rejected His Proposal; Twitter & Reddit Update!

No doubt, Andrew Liu (@a.curious.ape) from Love is Blind Season 3 used the eye drops to produce fake tears after Nancy Rodriguez rejected his proposal. It's unsure whether the producer or the editor kept the clip intentionally or not, however, it has created a buzz among the fans. Well, let's have a detailed look at how it all got started.

Nancy and Andrew first connected in the pods as Liu described the amazing life they would lead together. The wildlife photographer went into great length about his travels around the world and his promises to fulfill Nancy in a variety of personal ways once they were out of the pods.

However, Andrew manages to pique Nancy's curiosity just enough to create a love triangle with her other possible partner, Bartise Bowden. And when Andrew discovers he's got competition for a regular position in a season of reality TV — I mean, Nancy's affection — he takes the jump and proposes to her. Nevertheless, Nancy made a gut decision and chose someone else despite all of his big talks. She told,

When I think of the life that we could have together, it’s a great life. But just not forever.

After the split, Andrew appeared hurt and upset in his talking head interview. However, when he pulled out a bottle of eye drops, things started to get strange. He asked one of the off-camera producers if the cameras were already rolling and if he could use the drops to produce fake tears. The producer then replies, "I mean yeah, if your eyes hurt.”

After applying substantial amounts to both eyes, Andrew quickly jumped into a speech about his sadness. With his unreal/fake tears streaming down his cheeks, Andrew said to the camera, "I never thought I could care for someone that could bring me to tears." It's a great moment that was carefully and subtly crafted. Andrew never missed an occasion to talk about his love of wildlife photography and how he regularly outwits lions to get the perfect shot of them in their most helpless state.

Likewise, the editor was getting up at sunrise, battling mosquitoes, sheltering from the sun under Masai blankets, and waiting to get the better of a 29-year-old consultant on a reality dating show while Andrew was too busy picking apart his huge emotional moment in the bush that is Love Is Blind.

Following that act, fans on Twitter and Reddit are not so sure whether he was genuinely moved to tears or whether everyone merely witnessed him dripping fake tears into his eyes. One fan tweeted, "Andrew with the eye drops for fake tears saying totally rehearsed to camera “I never thought I could care for someone who brought me to tears” omg pls help #LoveIsBlind3 #LoveisBlind"

Similarly, another viewer of the show tweeted, "Wait I’m so confused with Andrew and the eye drops … fake tears ?? What a psychopath.. she dodged a bullet #loveisblind"

Additionally, Love is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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