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Lisa Millar Looks Happier & Healthier After Weight Loss!

Jan 26, 2024 @ 10:04 EST
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Lisa Millar Looks Happier & Healthier After Weight Loss!

Lisa Millar has undergone significant weight loss in recent days. Well, the ABC News Breakfast host follows a strict diet and exercise routine to maintain her health & physique.

Lisa Millar is an Australian television news presenter and journalist who co-hosts ABC News Breakfast with Michael Rowland. She previously worked as a foreign journalist for 11 years, covering significant news items and terrorist incidents in London and Washington, D.C. In 2009, she became ABC's North American Bureau Chief, and six years later, she held the same role at the company's London Bureau.

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Lisa Millar's Weight Loss Could Be Due to a Strict Diet and Exercise Routine!

Lisa Millar (@lisamillartv) appears to have undergone drastic weight loss. As you can see, she has shed weight and developed a more defined, scaled shape. Her legs are more specified, her arms are sculpted, and her waist is slimmer. In addition, she has developed shape and strength. She hasn't disclosed her weight loss plans to the public, but she has undoubtedly changed her diet and exercise routine.

Lisa Millar's appearance after weight loss. netflixdeed.comLisa Millar's appearance after weight loss.
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The ABC News Breakfast co-host has previously discussed a fluctuating interest in exercise. At the time, she admitted, "I am so inconsistent. This week I've probably gone for a 45-minute walk each day, and that's it." In other weeks, she might fit in a tennis lesson, a Pilates class, or a park run on a Saturday morning, and she's been crazy addicted to exercise in the past, running half marathons and triathlons. She said, "I don't know what makes me go on this roller-coaster of exercise."

But Lisa Millar knows what works and even has a few tricks. One is to sign up for something. She stated, "I have to commit. If you said to me, let's go for a 16-kilometre run after work, I wouldn't be much interested. But if you said to me, let's sign up for a half-marathon that's a charity, and the money all goes to sick children, I'm like, 'yeah, I'll be there, awesome. Where do I sign up?'" Likely, she has realized that if she commits,  "it gets done. If I'm by myself and I don't have that motivation, then it's pretty hard to get out of the house."

Another trick is to keep things social. That way, she's more likely to appreciate it, making staying with it easier. She stated, "A lot of the exercise I've done has had that social connection, whether it be ParkRun or training for the half-marathons. I've always done it with friends. I've never signed up for something solo."

Lisa Millar needed the company of people to enjoy exercise, she is unconcerned about receiving public praise. She claimed she's not particularly good at any exercise she tries - and she insists it doesn't matter. She said: "I'm not too bothered. So even though I say on one hand that I'm not very good at any of those exercises, I actually don't care. I don't mind. I'm not doing it for anyone else"

Know More About Lisa Millar’s Relationship Status!

Lisa Millar was raised in the little village of Kilkivan, Queensland. Throughout her life, she had personal hardships, including a divorce from her ex-husband, Sid Maher. During this period, she was engaged in a custody battle for her daughter, Harper May, which surely offered its own set of challenges.

Lisa Millar's appearance after weight loss. netflixdeed.comLisa Millar is currently single after a divorce from her ex-husband, Sid Maher.
Image Source: Women In Media

But Lisa continued and didn't waver in her dedication to her work. She began her career as a journalist and eventually rose to the position of anchor on ABC's News Breakfast. Her dedication and hard work paid off as she progressed through her profession as a foreign journalist, which required long hours and tremendous sacrifice.

During this time, Lisa Millar's marriage became strained, eventually leading to divorce. Despite the difficulties, she remained resilient and focused on her professional development. She declared herself unmarried and publicly admitted that the demands of her work took a toll on her marriage, contributing to its separation.

Despite personal challenges, she excelled in her job as an anchor and journalist. Her unwavering dedication to reporting news and communicating with viewers has cemented her status as a respected figure in the media profession.

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