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Who Is Lisa Millar’s Partner (Husband)?

Jan 29, 2024 @ 22:47 EST
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Who Is Lisa Millar’s Partner (Husband)?

Lisa Millar doesn't appear to have a partner (husband) as of 2024 and is very happy to be single. Although she is very private about her life, she spoke about why she broke up with her ex-husband. Many people think her ex-husband's name is Sid Maher, and they have a daughter named Harper May together, but the news has not been confirmed yet.

Lisa Joy Millar better known as Lisa Millar is an Australian television news presenter and journalist. She is known for being co-host of the ABC's breakfast program, News Breakfast, alongside Michael Rowland. Recently, she has been in the news after being brutally cut off by Jim Chalmers over Anthony Albanese's Stage Three tax cut and broken promise.

Millar challenged Treasurer Jim Chalmers about Anthony Albanese's failed election commitment to tax reduction, recalling the Prime Minister's statement that his word is his bond. Many people think that she was very harsh when she stopped him and asked him why it was negative to pick up on broken promises. During the conversation, she also said that even though the administration would struggle to convince voters at the next election, it would keep its big economic commitments.

Many people seem to be curious to know more about her personal life these days, especially who her partner is. In this article, we will be talking about her ex-husband, her dating history, and the list of people who are linked to her. Well, let's get started.

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Lisa Millar Does Not Have a Partner; She Is Not Dating Anyone at the Moment!

People are confused if Lisa Millar's (@lisamillartv) ex-partner was Sid Maher or not. She explained that her ex-husband was a Frenchman, and they dated for seven years, but she didn't give any information about him. There are rumors that she will legally fight for custody of her daughter, Harper May.

Lisa Millar does not seem to have a partner as of this writing. netflixdeed.comLisa Millar does not seem to have a partner as of this writing.
Image Source: Instagram

People are guessing that Lisa Millar is very rude these days, and it has something to do with her relationship with her rumored partner, Sid Maher. Well, Lisa is very private about her life, and there are very few things known about her love life. Going through her Instagram feed, we don't think she has any followers as of 2024, and she looks very busy in her professional life.

Is Sid Maher’s Ex-husband of Lisa Millar? Is Harper May Their Daughter?

There is not much information on how Lisa Millar met her then-partner Sid Maher, but people say that they were high school sweethearts. They completed college together, and after starting their careers, they got married.

Their relationship didn't last long, and they got separated after some years of marriage. Some of the fans claimed that she is still in touch with her ex-partner and co-parting their children Harper May but the news has not been confirmed.

Lisa's ex-husband, Sid Maher, is known as the Australian’s former deputy editor. Last year, he landed a new gig as a senior journalist for Cole Lawson Group, a Queensland-based public relations consultancy. His biggest controversy happened in 2023 when he criticized News Corp Australia following an incident at a late-night Christmas party in Sydney’s Surry Hills.

Lisa Millar has not revealed the identity of her ex-husband yet. netflixdeed.comLisa Millar has not revealed the identity of her ex-husband yet.
Image Source: Instagram

Many online reports have claimed that Lisa's ex-husband to Sid Maher, but in 2020, when she gave an interview talking about her personal life, she referred to her ex-partner as a Frenchman. Her statement has made two more headlines, and while some say that she has been married to two men till now, others say that she was never married to Side Maher and that it was just rumors.

Lisa Millar Previously Addressed Her Divorce!

During an interview with the Daily Mail in 2020, Lisa Millar said that the long and grueling hours in her previous job as a foreign correspondent were somehow the reason she got her divorce. Although she didn't disclose the identities of her ex-partner, it seems like she was openly admitting the mistakes she had made in the past. She said,

I don't mind saying that I'm divorced and that the stresses of the job would absolutely have been a factor that contributed to that.

Continuing the interview, Millar also mentioned that she was in a relationship for more than seven years with her ex-partner, a Frenchman, before accepting his engagement ring.

Some people who have been following her since the beginning of her career think that she used to wear her engagement ring every time, but after separation, she has not worn it. In her current life, she has claimed to be very happy, and she has also said that she can enjoy her life without any restrictions.

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