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Beau Ryan’s Secret to Weight Loss Is Diet & Exercise!

Jan 25, 2024 @ 10:05 EST
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Beau Ryan’s Secret to Weight Loss Is Diet & Exercise!

Beau Ryan has recently stunned many fans with his remarkable weight loss journey. He looks absolutely incredible in his new physique. He previously mentioned eating a good diet and doing strict exercises to be in shape.

Beau Ryan is an Australian television presenter, actor, singer, and former professional rugby league footballer who is well-known for his humorous performances on The Footy Show. Presently, he co-hosts the sports competition series, Gladiators Australia with Liz Ellis and also serves as the host of Network 10's reality series, The Amazing Race Australia.

Many viewers have recently noticed Beau Ryan looks slimmer and fitter than before. As a result, fans are curious to know if he underwent a weight loss journey to maintain his physique. So, if you're wondering about the actual reason behind his lean transformation, we're here to help.

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Beau Ryan’s Weight Loss Strategy Includes a Healthy Diet and a Strict Exercise Routine!

As we can see, Beau Ryan (@therealbeauryan) has recently been in the spotlight due to his weight loss transformation, and the incredible results have stunned all of his admirers and followers. According to sources, his, changing his diet, and eating better meals, in addition to her supplement and exercise regimen is the key reason behind his weight loss journey.

Beau Ryan's appearance after weight loss. netflixdeed.comBeau Ryan's appearance after weight loss.
Image Source: 10 Play

Although Beau retired from the NRL in 2014, he hasn't let that stop him from staying fit. Previously, the 38-year-old athlete explained how he's managed to stay in top shape despite leaving rugby league. He told The Daily Telegraph,

I'm training at S1 Training in Caringbah because I love the circuit workouts and community vibe. If the weather is good after training I'll dive in the ocean. Man, it's good for the soul.

Likely, Beau Ryan also told Daily Mail Australia a couple of years ago that he trains at least five times per week which has helped with his weight loss journey. At the time, he said, "Being a former athlete, I've always trained and take pride in how I physically look and feel, so it's a big part of my life." Despite living a healthy lifestyle, he said he enjoys having fun on certain occasions. He explained,

I'm not a big drinker, my wife does most of the drinking for our family. I drink at the right time - when we celebrate, mainly on a big occasion, like my sister's wedding recently, or the final run of a show or when a job's complete.

Talking about Beau Ryan's diet, healthy eating has always been a priority in his household. As per him, “I eat a high protein and a high-fat diet. We burn a lot of calories in our house, especially trying to keep up with my son, Jesse.” Likely, the must-haves in his fridge are unlikely to include chocolate or ice cream. He stated,

My son is addicted to those little Yakult drinks, my daughter, Remi, loves mango, my wife loves kombucha and I like natural yoghurt – oh, and sparkling water, our fridge is full of it. And we all love avocados.  Just not when they’re $4 each, like they are now.

Beau Ryan Opens Out About His First Encounter & Experience With Reality TV!

When Beau Ryan walked onto the set of Sky Sports' The Footy Show fourteen years ago and did his first piece on camera, he felt he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. In retrospect, he sees he was anything but "I was awful. But I thought it was the greatest thing ever. As soon as the red light came on, it awakened something inside of me that I wanted to take to the next level. That's happened every time I've been on camera since."

Beau Ryan is currently the host of The Amazing Race Australia. netflixdeed.comBeau Ryan is currently the host of The Amazing Race Australia.
Image Source Yahoo Lifestyle

The former NRL star admitted is now a familiar figure on television as the host of The Amazing Race Australia, and he will soon anchor the revived series, Gladiators. Moreover, he spent more than a month away from his wife, Kara, and their two children, Remi, and Jesse, while traveling around Asia to host The Amazing Race Australia: Celebrity Edition. Later, he explained,

I wouldn't be able to do it without my phone. I need to call them daily. For the kids, it's a chore – they don't want to talk to Dad – but I selfishly need to.

However, Beau Ryan shared his one regret as he reached the age of 40. Talking about his 126 games with the Tigers and Sharks from 2007 to 2014, he said, "My son wasn't born then and I would've loved him to see me be a part of that. I had my daughter quite young and she was a big part of my career. Watching her look back at the photos and tell stories to a friend feels pretty special."

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