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Nicole Kidman Weight Loss: Diet Plan of the Nine Perfect Strangers Star

Jan 5, 2024 @ 2:20 EST
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Nicole Kidman Weight Loss: Diet Plan of the Nine Perfect Strangers Star

Nicole Kidman is not very strict with her weight loss routine. The Nine Perfect Strangers star follows a moderate diet plan and exercise routine and loves to focus on making healthy choices for the most part. Meanwhile, she has recently been trolled on the internet for looking very skinny and some are even concerned about her health.

Nicole Mary Kidman, better known as Nicole Kidman, is an Australian-American actress and producer better known for her work in film and television productions across many genres. Recently, she has been in the news after she hosted a glamorous New Year's Eve party with daughters Sunday and Faith at their luxe penthouse apartment on Sydney Harbour. What was she wearing to the New Year party?

Nicole was wearing a body-con dress, and people thought that she was looking stunning. The dress was perfectly hugging her body, and many of their guests were taking pictures on the balcony. Till now, Nicole has not posted a picture of the party, but some random pictures have been flooding all over the internet, and the party seems to be very fun.

After the picture of Nicole started flooding, people started talking about her body. In this article, we will be talking about her weight loss diet, exercise, and her personal life. To know more about Nicole's weight loss journey, read this article.

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Fans Are Stunned With Nicole Kidman’s Recent Weight Loss!

Nicole Kidman (@nicolekidman) has recently been trolled because people seem to be convinced of her weight-loss method. Her recent picture seems to be very skinny, and people are concerned if she has been following any kind of unhealthy diet plan. Till now, the Nine Perfect Strangers star has not talked about this matter.

Nicole's weight loss has inspired many people, and her recent physical appearance can be described as a perfect shape. She is the mother of four, but her youthful and physical appearances seem to make her look like she is in her early 30s without any kids. Some people think that her weight loss might be the reason for some kind of illness, while others think that she is working very hard on her diet and workout plan.

Nicole Kidman in her weight loss appearance. netflixdeed.comNicole Kidman in her weight loss appearance.
Image Source: Instagram

When Nicole's close friends were asked if her weight loss was because of an illness or not. Her closest friend says that she's so skinny that her bones are sticking out, and her limbs look like they could snap in a strong breeze. Although they did not point out any health issues, they mentioned that she's lost so much weight that she looks like she should be hospitalized, as the insider stated;

Nicole is terrified her time has passed, But she's convinced losing more weight will only make herself look better!

What Kind of Food Does Nicole Kidman Include in Her Weight Loss Diet Plan?

When Nicole Kidman was seen in October 2023 at the CMA Awards looking frail and thin, she was guessed to have lost more than 20 pounds. Her weight loss seems to be in a certain way, which leads people to get confused. For the last few months, she has been trolling online. People are saying that she should eat something and enjoy her life by eating a double cheeseburger with bacon and extra mayo.

Nicole Kidman does not follow a strict diet plan for weight loss. netflixdeed.comNicole Kidman does not follow a strict diet plan for weight loss.
Image Source: Instagram

Talking about the star of Nine Perfect Strangers' weight loss diet plan, she doesn't follow a strict routine, but she eats everything in moderation. Recently, during an interview, she said that she tries not to be too strict with it and mixes it up to make sure it stays fun. She revealed that she takes a Swisse [Wellness brand] multivitamin daily, which helps fill any nutrition gaps she has when she is on the road, and she is also said to be a coffee lover;

Keith and I love coffee. I love the foam more than the coffee. I will go and order a cappuccino and say, make it all foam and very little coffee. They know me now at the Starbucks in Nashville.

What Kind of Exercise Does Nine Perfect Strangers’ Nicole Kidman Love?

To maintain Nicole Kidman's health and weight balance, she enjoys regular yoga and meditation sessions in the morning. Talking about the morning yoga session, she said that she has realized that if you don't have your health, you've got nothing, and she does yoga, runs, and meditates to balance her life.

During an interview, the star of Nine Perfect Strangers also mentioned that a healthy diet is very necessary, and it is one of the main reasons for her weight loss. She refuses to eliminate food groups, instead focusing on healthy choices for the most part. As for her favorite foods, she loves eating seafood platters with Sydney rock oysters, tiger prawns, mud crab, and lobster, as well as barbeque foods such as sausage.

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