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Jonathan Van Ness' Weight Gain: How Did He Gain 70 Pounds in 3 Months?

Apr 16, 2022 @ 14:34 EDT
Jonathan Van Ness' Weight Gain: How Did He Gain 70 Pounds in 3 Months?

Jonathan Van Ness had undergone an extremely rapid weight gain in 2012 after the expiry of his stepfather. It took him just three months to get from 165 pounds to 230 pounds. After feeling differently treated post-weight gain, Jonathan Van Ness embarked on his weight loss journey. It took him almost five years to lose that weight and he came out of the journey feeling very much happy with his body.

Jonathan Van Ness is an American television personality who came into fame as a grooming expert on the hit Netflix series Queer Eye.

He is also known for his work in the web series Gay of Thrones which is a parody of Game of Thrones. He also hosts the Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness podcast.

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Did Jonathan Van Ness Gain Weight?

He sure did but it is not something that happened recently. Jonathan Van Ness' (@jvn) weight gain dates back to 2012 when he went from fat to fit.

As he revealed through a post on Instagram in which he shared two pictures of him; one where he was at his heaviest and the other after he lost all that extra weight he had gained to compare, he lost his stepfather somewhere around 2012 and after his stepdad passed away, he gained 70 pounds all within the short span of just three months.

Jonathan Van Ness didn't like how he felt or looked then. So, he made the post on Insta because it was important for him to look back and tell himself from five years ago that he was lovely and gorge even then when he was fat and now he could celebrate where he was as long as he sent love to himself along the way.

It was not the first time the grooming guru from Queer Eye had seen days where he was overweight. Until high school as well, Jonathan Van Ness had been a chubby kid. But it went to another level in 2012 when he lost his stepfather to bladder cancer and then underwent a weight gain of almost 70 pounds in just three months.

Jonathan didn't lose only his stepdad but he also lost his ability to stop eating as well. Maybe he was trying to find solace after the death of the loved one, didn't find anyone to turn up to, and decided to look for it in food. That incident which caused him to lapse in his judgment when it came to looking after his health and then overeating changed his appearance.

It came as nothing short of a blow to him, who had been pretty fit before all that happened. In his 20s, Jonathan Van Ness had been pretty much fit from his weight loss journey in high school.

He went from being fit to being 230 pounds, which he realized that people generally would not perceive as the biggest for someone who is six feet tall. But for him who had just been 165 pounds just three months prior, it definitely was too much to handle.

Also, it was not just him who felt that way. Other people also clearly noticed the rapid weight gain and started treating him differently when he was bigger than when he was fit. He didn't lag in noticing the shift in perception like he did when he started to overeat in a way as to increase his weight that rapidly.

He started to worry about things like who was going to date him if he never lost weight. Feeling inadequate and different than his fitter days, he took action.

Jonathan Van Ness resolved to pick himself up and then started his weight loss journey by hitting the gym to lose those pounds for other people. Although the reason why he started out on the journey to lose weight might not have been the best one (it could be said that weight was shamed out of him by people's attitude to the bigger him), he reached a point where he made it about himself rather than some other people.

Where he landed during the journey of weight loss, he chose to share because he wanted to help people feel better and because he himself felt better while sharing.

Jonathan Van Ness brought into the talks of unfair body standards a male perspective. He talked about how the ideal of men's physiques was one of the most under-talked-about things and 95% of the bodies that men strive so hard to look like, are genetically engineered and achieved only with the use of steroids. So, it was important for such people to be honest about it.

Jonathan revealed that he used to be one such man who cared about looking like those people before he made his weight loss journey more of a health journey and now he's happy with his body.

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