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Who Is Jimmy on Virgin River? Was He the One Who Shot Jack? Meet Actor/Cast, Ian Tracey, Who Plays the Role of Jimmy in the Netflix Series; Season 4 Update!

Jul 28, 2022 @ 23:42 EDT
Who Is Jimmy on Virgin River? Was He the One Who Shot Jack? Meet Actor/Cast, Ian Tracey, Who Plays the Role of Jimmy in the Netflix Series; Season 4 Update!

Jimmy, one of the characters in Netflix's Virgin River, is Calvin's right-hand who suffers problems after Calvin decides Brady to handle every business after he quits. In Season 3, many fans assumed that he shot Jack. As Season 4 is available, we now know the truth. Follow the article to know more about Jimmy and the actor/cast, Ian Tracey, who plays the role of Jimmy in the Netflix show.

Virgin River, a Netflix original series based on Robyn Carr's namesake novel series, appeals to a wide audience. The show seems to span a variety of genres, including humor, romance, action, family drama, and mystery.

It depicts Mel's story as she learns about the challenges of moving to a tiny town in California. Despite her obstacles, she must overcome her past and live a better life. The plotline of the show has exciting aspects of mystery, suspense, and romance.

The main characters are engaging and give the impression that viewers are getting to know them intimately through their small-screen antics. Even though he didn't have any roles in Season 4 of the show, Fans are currently curious to know about Jimmy. Well, we've got you covered.

Who Is Jimmy on Netflix’s Virgin River? Who Shot Jack? Meet Actor/Cast, Ian Tracey, Who Plays the Role of Jimmy; Season 4 Update!

Jimmy is a mysterious character in the Netflix show. Fans of the Netflix series know him best as Calvin's right-hand man. He first finds joy in serving as Calvin's lieutenant, but when Dan Brady joins the team, the two become oppositional.

When Calvin needed surgery, Jimmy held Jack and Mel Monroe at gunpoint, which caused problems for them. He sent Mel to Virgin River to help save Calvin and traveled there to look for help. While stabilizing his leg, she informed Jimmy that Calvin would require medical attention.

Jimmy refused but said that if Calvin lived, the pair may leave. Thankfully, the two were allowed to go the following day. He, in meantime, has grown jealous of Dan, also known as Brady, Calvin's new employee. After hearing Calvin declare that he wants Brady to replace him when he quits, He worries that Brady would take his position. Jimmy, who has been by Calvin's side for years and believed he would take over the farm, was justifiably upset by this.

In Season 3, many fans assumed that Jimmy might have shot Jack. While Jack didn't die, he remembered that Jack was in the bar during the time of the shooting. In fact, a police search revealed a gun matching the bullet that shot Jack in Brady's car. As a result, Brady gets arrested.

Many fans initially wondered if Jimmy had arranged everything so he could get rid of his rival because Brady claimed he was being set up. Brady's absence would make it impossible for Calvin to rely on him to manage the farm, and he could resume his role as his right-hand man.

However, now that Season 4 is available on Netflix already, we now know that neither Jimmy nor Brady shot Jack. It turned out that Wes' twin brother, Vince, shoot Jack after getting into a conflict.

Paige, Wes' ex-partner, moved to Virgin River with her son, Christopher, to get rid of Wes. However, Wes tracked down Paige and got into a physical conflict with her. Paige, accidentally, pushes down Wes and he dies on the spot. Preacher helps her to bury Wes' dead body and advises her to leave the town.

Paige leaves his son to Preacher and leaves the town. Vince, Wes' twin brother, later enters the town to seek revenge for his brother's death. In the meantime, he gets into a conflict with Jack and shoots him which, fortunately, does not take his life. So yeah, Jimmy was definitely not involved in Jack's injury.

The role of Jimmy is played by Canadian actor, Ian Tracey. He has appeared in Travelers, The 100, and Continuum, among others. Additionally, he made appearances in a number of popular films, including Sunshine, Red Riding Hood, and Daydream Nation.

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