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Jimbo From the Boss Baby: Staci’s Husband Is Mayor of the Town!

May 24, 2022 @ 15:44 EDT
Jimbo From the Boss Baby: Staci’s Husband Is Mayor of the Town!

Jimbo, one of the characters of the Boss Baby franchise, does not have much role in Netflix's The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib. Jimbo is the mayor of the town and got married to Staci in The Boss Baby: Family Business. Two actors previously gave the voice for Jimbo, however, it is uncertain who gave the voice in the new Netflix series as he only speaks one sentence. Follow the article to know more about Jimbo. The trending queries include Jimbo's voice actor, grown-up image, costume, and dancing meme/gif.

DreamWorks Animation's The Boss Baby is a 2017 American computer-animated comedy film distributed by 20th Century Fox. In the first edition of The Boss Baby franchise, a boy supports his baby brother, who is a secret agent in the struggle between infants and puppies.

A Netflix television series titled The Boss Baby: Back in Business was released on April 6, 2018, and a sequel film titled The Boss Baby: Family Business was released in theaters and on Peacock on July 2, 2021. And now the franchise is back again with the new series on Netflix.

The Boss Baby: Back In Crib, produced by Brandon Sawyer, is back with cuddle babies turned business mega-minds. On May 19th, 2022, Netflix Originals introduced a new Boss Baby franchise, bringing back the original Legend of Boss Baby for a shot of nostalgia mixed with cute graphics.

One of the characters of the new Netflix show is Jimbo. In fact, Jimbo has been part of the franchise from the beginning. Let's know more about Jimbo, including his appearance, personality, and history right below.

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The Boss Baby Back in the Crib: Who Is Jimbo?

Jimbo is one of the major characters in the Boss Baby franchise. He appears in The Boss Baby, The Boss Baby: Back in Business, and The Boss Baby: Family Business, and now in The Boss Baby: Back In Crib as a supporting character.

In The Boss Baby and The Boss Baby: Family Business, Jimbo is voiced by David Soren, however, in The Boss Baby: Family Business and The Boss Baby: Back In Crib he is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson.

Jimbo is a big baby with short blonde hair and a pin in his white diaper. He has green eyes as well. He has a frightening appearance but is actually rather polite. He is the total opposite of Staci, being physically strong yet emotionally calm. Because of his nice nature, he is always seen petting the kittens. He is also very protective.

Jimbo is the mayor of the town and the husband of Staci in The Boss Baby: Family Business. Georgo was the name of their firstborn child. Despite being a very popular and fun character, there are almost no scenes about Jimbo in the new boss baby franchise.

Yes, through the series, you only get to see and hear from Jimbo once. We see Jimbo only in the tenth episode of The Boss Baby: Back In Crib with a dialogue for not more than a second. Viewers really got upset about that. However, it does not mean that we won't see Jimbo in further projects.

Brandon Sawyer on the Future of Boss Baby!

The Boss Baby: Back in the Crib premiered on Netflix on May 19th, giving Boss Baby Theodore Templeton a new outlook on life. The 12-episode animated series picks off immediately where the second Dreamworks film leaves off, following Theodore as he is accused of embezzlement and must revert to his Boss Baby persona to avoid legal consequences.

Brandon Sawyer, an Emmy Award-winning writer, and producer who previously worked on The Boss Baby: Back in Business, Penguins of Madagascar, and Monsters vs. Aliens, serves as executive producer and showrunner for the project.

Sawyer discussed the new Netflix series, future Boss Baby projects, production obstacles, and what keeps him coming back to the brand in an interview with Game Rant. He explained,

"There is such a deep pool of stories that you can tell with this concept and with these characters. We intentionally end the story in a place where we have wrapped some things up, but there are still stories that can be told. As for what the future holds, I am not at liberty to say, but you'll see that there is more life to this Boss Baby."

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