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Jeffrey Lichtman's Wife Nance Lichtman: Cheating Scandal with Sarma Melngailis Explained!

Mar 20, 2022 @ 14:26 EDT
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Jeffrey Lichtman's Wife Nance Lichtman: Cheating Scandal with Sarma Melngailis Explained!

Jeffrey Lichtman from Bad Vegan on Netflix is married to his wife Nance Lichtman. He is a defense criminal lawyer based in New York. Recently, a controversy has been surrounding Jeffrey Lichtman as he is claimed to have cheated on his wife Nance with Bad Vegan cast Sarma Melngailis. Many viewers seek the picture of Jeffrey's wife Nance Lichtman.

Immensely popular, Jeffrey Lichtman is the criminal-defense lawyer based in New York. The Bad Vegan alum on Netflix is renowned for solving many famous cases and has proven the guilt to be innocent.

Thus, for his best arguments, and the way he presents his case, people are too amazed, and with his popularity, Jeffrey has also been vested with the door full of opportunities.

Having experience of 30 years as a criminal defense attorney, Jeffrey primarily worked in the federal and state courts of New York. Mainly, he deals with those clients who are charged with white-collar and non-white collar offenses. He is one of those few Manhattan criminal defense attorneys known in the Bar Register of Preeminent Lawyers.

His professional field is purely inclined towards success, and now, people are curious to know his love relationship and are wanting to know his wife. Some people have even claimed that Jeffrey is cheating on his wife, and, is having an affair with Sarma Melngailis. Is this rumor true?

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Jeffrey Lichtman's Wife: Nance and Jeffrey's Relationship

Jeffrey Lichtman is a defense criminal lawyer and is based in New York, United States. Recently, he has been rising to prominence with the new Netflix show, Bad Vegan.

Lichtman worked as the defense lawyer supporting Sarma, and since Bad Vegan features her life, Jeffrey also received exposure from the docuseries.

Lichtman (@jeffreylichtmanlaw2) was born on 5th June 1965 in Newark, New Jersey, United States, and he spent most of his childhood years in Clark, New Jersey. In 1987, Jeffrey graduated from Emory University, and later, for his Master's degree, he graduated from Duke University.

Upon completion of his education,  Lichtman then opened his own law firm in 1999, and since then, he has been serving as a defense lawyer.

The year 2010 acted as a benediction to Jeffrey's career when he won the freedom of his client who has been convicted and sentenced to 27 years in prison was declared innocent with Jeffrey's "terrific preparation", as said by the judge. Since then, he has been getting many cases, and he primarily focuses on those clients who are charged with white-collar and non-white collar offenses.

People have been hearing about his success rate, but now, more than his professional field, these people are curious to know his relationship status and spouse. The defense lawyer from Bad Vegan, Jeffrey Lichtman is a married man and is living with his wife, Nance.

Although Jeffrey and Nance have been in conjugal life, they haven't revealed their wedding date but looking at their twins, it seems like they have been together for almost a decade now.

Jeffrey tends to keep his wife and children away from the public, and thus, nothing much is known about his wife. However, a scandal has been revolving around Jeffrey Lichtman cheating on his wife with Sarma.

Did Jeffrey Cheat on His Wife Nance With Sarma?

Jeffrey Lichtman is a married man and is in a healthy relationship with his wife, Nance. They are parents to their twin children and are happy together. However, a scandal has revolved around Jeffrey cheating on his wife Sarma Melngailis (@sarmamelngailis).

Although there's no proper evidence to substantiate this matter, people are adhering to this rumor. Bereft of proper evidence, it appears like it's just a trap to put Jeffry's reputation down, and even though if this rumor was accurate then his wife, Nance would have definitely divorced him.

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