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Many Polaroids/Poloroids Were Found Inside Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment: Find What Actually the Police Saw!

Sep 25, 2022 @ 9:23 EDT
Many Polaroids/Poloroids Were Found Inside Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment: Find What Actually the Police Saw!

After the police raided Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment, they found over 80 Polaroids/Poloroids showing necrophilia, horrifying altar plans, and barrels of acid that Dahmer used to disintegrate the bones of his victims. As soon as the police found it, Jeffrey tried to escape. However, the police caught him and arrested him.

The Netflix documentary, Monster: A Jeffrey Dahmer Story, follows Jeffrey Dahmer as he murdered 17 men and boys in Ohio and Wisconsin between 1978 and 1991. Although he killed and dismembered his first victims, towards the end of his reign of terror he started keeping skulls and body parts. Furthermore, according to stories, he indulged in cannibalism and frequently cooked human meat before consuming it.

Ryan Murphy and Ian Brennan, who wrote the majority of the episodes, are in charge of the series. David McMillan, Janet Mock, Reilly Smith, and Todd Kubrak have all written additional scenes. With this series, Netflix continues to expand its library of original real crime productions. Although the nonfiction category has long been popular, Netflix has recently discovered a renewed interest in it as it works to convey the sinister stories of history's criminals.

Cops investigated Jeffrey Dahmer's Milwaukee apartment as part of their investigation before releasing images of the evidence they found. Numerous disturbing Polaroids/Poloroids showing necrophilia, horrifying altar plans, and barrels of acid that Dahmer used to disintegrate the bones of his victims were also found. Let's discuss what actually the police saw in the Polaroids.

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Over 80 Polaroids/Poloroids Were Found in Jeffrey Dahmer’s Apartment: Find What Kind of Pictures the Police Found!

As Rolf Mueller, a police officer, searched Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment, he came across dozens of Polaroids/Poloroids of naked, butchered, and dismembered victims. The frightening pictures, estimated to number at least 80, were discovered in his dresser. The graphic photos showed Dahmer having sex with several of his dead victims' bodies.

When Mueller discovered the disturbing pictures, Dahmer was in the apartment. He attempted to flee his house, but the police caught him. The police immediately overpowered him, placed his hands in handcuffs behind his back, and requested backup from another squad car. Cops also saw where Dahmer would mutilate his victims and found a blood-soaked mattress as well as his instruments, including a hammer.

Cops were greeted by a putrefying smell of flesh and industrial chemicals when they rushed Jeffrey Dahmer's apartment. According to reports, Dahmer informed his former neighbor Pamela Bass that the freezer was to blame for the smell. Errol Lindsey, one of Dahmer's victims, was given drugs in April 1991 before having a hole drilled in his brain and hydrochloric acid poured into it. According to reports, Dahmer tried several different murderous methods but failed.

Before being brutally strangled, Lindsey awoke and cried out that he had a headache. Just one month later, Dahmer carried out the same experiment on Konerak Sinshasomphone, 14, in which he first drilled a hole in his head and then poured acid into his skull. According to Crime and Investigation, it was a component of an effort to make him into a compliant zombie.

Jeffrey Dahmer also admitted that severed heads, frozen body parts, and skulls were kept in barrels of acid. According to Ranker, he also used bleach to whiten the remains. His father demonstrated to him how to bleach and preserve animal bones. According to the Independent, Dahmer gathered road kill as a child so he could dissect it.

After examining the polaroids, expert doctors believe Dahmer posed and photographed his victims' bodies in order to relive the events in the future and feed his fixation with sexual sadism and necrophilia. The insane man put the bodies of his victims in various poses that he thought were explicitly sexual.

The skulls of Dahmer's victims were going to be used to decorate an altar, as depicted in childlike drawings. Painted skeletons would stand on either side of a long back table strewn with heads. According to Dahmer's defense counsel Wendy Patrickus, he would sit and gaze at his own little shrine.

The Milwaukee Monster murdered males ranging in age from 14 to 32. His murdering spree lasted more than ten years, and a large portion of the victims were gay ethnic minorities. After luring Steven Hicks back for drinks, Dahmer brutally murdered his first victim. Before strangling Hicks with it, he struck him with a dumbbell. Frequently, Jeffrey Dahmer drugged and strangled his victims. Prior to being beaten to death by another prisoner in November 1994, Dahmer had been given a 900-year prison term.

Additionally, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now available on Netflix.

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