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Welcome to Eden: Is the Netflix Show Actually Good? Ending Explained!

May 15, 2022 @ 9:37 EDT
Welcome to Eden: Is the Netflix Show Actually Good? Ending Explained!

Viewers are confused if the show was actually good after watching Welcome to Eden on Netflix. Some even claimed that the series was scary. The plot is quite interesting, however, lacks believability. Many reviews noted that the show is disappointing. Most of the critics had their complaints about how the show ended. Well, here is what we think about Netflix's Welcome to Good. Was it good? Read it below.

Since the first compelling episode of Welcome to Eden aired on Netflix on May 6, audiences have been captivated by the series. The Spanish thriller, directed by Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez, depicts a group of youngsters who are invited to a private party on a paradise island for the introduction of a new drink brand.

While it may appear to be the trip of a lifetime at first, things quickly change when the teenagers find that they have all been trapped on the remote island as part of a violent game with deadly consequences.

Similarly, many questions started arising like if the show is good. As there are mixed reviews about Welcome to Eden all over the internet, it's up to viewers' view on how they take the show. However, here is our take on if the show is actually good.

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Is Welcome to Eden on Netflix Good? Skip It or Stream It?

Welcome to Eden could have been a good show if it had been released ten years earlier. The issue with the isolated survival genre is how overpopulated it has grown. There are so many series to select from, like The Wilds, Yellowjackets, Survivor, Lost, and even big flops like The I-Land. The series, Welcome to Eden, is another one to classify as passable.

The plot is adequate, the protagonist is likable, and the aesthetics are actually rather appealing. However, underneath that surface is a series with little depth in terms of history, lore, supporting characters, or narrative structure.

The plot begins promisingly, hinting at a hybrid between LOST and Squid Game. In Welcome to Eden, a teen named Zoa is invited to go to an isolated island for an immersive experience of drinking and partying. Zoa is forced to leave her phone behind in order to safeguard the island's secrecy, and she is joined by a group of other teenagers as they go out partying.

When they wake up in the morning, the lively island of 100 or more boozehounds has been reduced to a tiny few. As a cult known as Eden welcomes them in, it becomes clear that there's something more evil going on here, at least until another boat arrives.

Although the episodes are rather short, clocking in at roughly 32-40 minutes each, the chapters do not contain much development. Some of this is due to the lack of characterization for the characters who accompany Zoa. Here, Charly, Africa, Aldo, and Ibon are given very little to work with, which leads to a lack of interest in their experiences.

This is a particularly serious issue because another plotline off the island is running concurrently with this drama, in which several families strive to figure out what happened to their missing children.

Ibon's father hires a private investigator, Zoa's sister, Gabi goes on a trip to San Sebastian in search of the truth, and Africa has only ONE scene dedicated to her past. As a result, the show desperately needs more development, with more time spent understanding who these characters are and why we should care about them.

Believability is the other problem. I understand that these kinds of shows require some suspension of disbelief, but Welcome to Eden pushes that to the limit. I won't go into too much detail regarding Eden and its mysteries, but suffice it to say that the major characters act crazily, gladly embracing this cult without blinking.

Welcome to Eden is even more disappointing because the show begins so promisingly. The show's initial flair and exciting plot development quickly fade into underwhelming mediocrity, and it doesn't appear to be rebounding until near the end of episode 8. That isn't to argue that the series is without value; yet, with such a fascinating premise, we had hoped for more.

Welcome to Eden will undoubtedly welcome you in with open arms, thanks to its strong aesthetics and intriguing concept. Unfortunately, the embrace that follows is frigid and emotionless, making for a dismal overall viewing experience.

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