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Is Simone Susinna Gay? Is the 365 Days Cast Dating His Co-star, Michele Morrone?

Aug 23, 2022 @ 4:07 EDT
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Is Simone Susinna Gay? Is the 365 Days Cast Dating His Co-star, Michele Morrone?

Simone Susinna, one of the cast members of the 365 Days movie series on Netflix, is not gay. A question on his sexuality appeared after he posted a cozy picture of him and Michele Morrone on his Instagram (@susinnasimone) while they were shirtless. Additionally, Michele addressed that they are not gay and the two are like brothers.

The third Netflix film in the 365 Days film series, following 365 Days (2020) and 365 Days: This Day, is the erotic romance The Next 365 Days, which is based on the namesake novel by Polish author and cosmetologist Blanka Lipiska. A few months have passed since the events of the second movie when the third movie starts.

After recovering from her gunshot wound, Laura Biel (Anna-Maria Sieklucka) is now back in Sicily. She starts to understand, meanwhile, how fundamentally changed she is as a result of her time spent on the island with Nacho (Simone Susinna). She now doubts her love for her husband, Massimo (Michele Morrone), and has begun to feel attracted to Nacho romantically.

The role of Nacho is played by none other than Simone Susinna. Apart from the movie, Simone is currently making headlines as many fans believe he might be gay. The actor previously posted a cozy picture with Michele Morrone and is now seen kissing him in the movie. As a result, fans want to know about his sexuality and dating history. Let's find out if the actor is gay.

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Simone Susinna Is Not Gay and Definitely Not Dating Michele Morrone: Who Is the 365 Days Cast Dating?

Gay rumors concerning Simone Susinna started earlier in June 2021 after he posted an intimate appearing picture with his costar from 365 Days, Michele Morrone, on his Instagram (@susinnasimone). In the picture, Simone is seen around Michele while they cuddle up shirtless. Well, both of the c0-stars are not gay.

As fans do, many went crazy and believed that these two were gay. After a while, Michele responded to the rumors after the topic had been trending on Twitter. He reassured his followers that it was simply a picture. He even claimed that since they worked on the movie together, Simone Susinna had grown to be a very close friend, and the two now are like brothers.

And it appears that Michele was speaking the truth because these on-set friends have actually grown close, and even Michele has posted pictures of their friendship on his Instagram. Even after Michele denied the gay rumors, several admirers held to this belief. They support Massimo and Nacho in the sense that they don't support Massimo and Laura or even Laura and Nacho very much.

Having said that, Simon Susinna himself also has not yet provided a response to this issue. He hasn't admitted to being gay or disputed it.

While Michele @iammichelemorroneofficial) is currently single, what about Simone Susinna? Who is he dating? This one comes with a little bit of a question mark. We are aware that from 2015 to 2017, Simone dated fellow model Mariana Rodriguez. According to reports, they dated for two years before breaking up in 2017.

On the red carpet, they were spotted cuddling and posing once more in September 2018. However, that was the final time the public or the media saw Simone with the reality star and model. A few glimpses of their relationship were also visible on Simone's Instagram up until July 2018.

Simone dated influencer Ana Moya before Mariana. Additionally, Désire Cordero, Miss Spain 2014, was the subject of rumors at one point. They were observed socializing in Milan. However, that was it. The rumors themselves stopped.

Simone Susinna seems to be single as of right now. He hasn't been linked with anyone as of the time of this writing. A glance at his Instagram does not reveal anything, however, as the numerous photos of him without a shirt do not necessarily indicate that he is committed to a partner.

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