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Is It Cake: Is Mikey Day Gay? Host's Married Life Examined!

Mar 23, 2022 @ 2:36 EDT
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Is It Cake: Is Mikey Day Gay? Host's Married Life Examined!

Is It Cake host Mikey Day was previously reported to be gay. However, the truth is that he has always been a straight man and has been in a relationship for over a decade now. Mikey is on course to get married to his fiance and soon-to-be wife Paula Christensen.

Michael William Day (March 20, 1980) from Is It Cake on Netflix, mostly known by the name Mikey Day, is an actor, comedian, writer, and producer from the United States.

In the 39th season of Saturday Night Live, he began as a writer, progressed to a featured player in the 42nd season, and was promoted to a repertory performer in the 44th season.

Michael is best known for his performance on the improv comedy show Wild 'N Out, but he's also been on Maya and Marty, a variety show presented by SNL alumni Maya Rudolph and Martin Short, as well as The Jay Leno Show and Leno's reformed version of The Tonight Show.

Mikey's career includes various roles including playing a character of a gay man. However, fans have been curious to know if he really is gay. Let's find it out below.

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Is Mikey Day Gay?

Mikey Day's career as a comedian requires him to imitate a variety of personas, including gay ones. All of this, however, is limited to the realm of fantasy, as they do not reflect his own personal preferences in any way.

It's clear from Mikey's dating history that the actor-comedian prefers persons of the opposite gender. As a result, until he provides us cause to believe otherwise, it's reasonable to presume he's straight.

In fact, Mikey (@mikeyfuntime) is engaged to his fiance Paula Christensen. Paula Christensen (@thepaulaverse) is an actress and director from Argentina. She has appeared in a number of television shows, including Open House, Modern Family, Charlie at a Grown-Up Dinner, Partners, and others.

Paula and Mikey are said to have met in 2010 before starting Saturday Night Live. They have been together since then. Abbott Adhemar Day, the couple's first child, was born on August 17, 2012. In 2018, Mikey wished his now-9-year-old son Abbott a happy 6th birthday on Instagram.

It's safe to say that the couple has been madly in love since the first day. And again, it is very clear that Mikey is not gay and has been totally attracted to the opposite sex forever.

Is It Cake? Season 1 Review: Skip Or Stream?

Is It Cake? is a combination of a guessing game and a baking competition in its most basic form. There's a reason game shows like Deal or No Deal have lasted so long, and they do make for entertaining television if the concept is correct. However, there's a lot wrong with Is It Cake?, which we shall discuss right below.

The competition itself brings together nine incredible cake makers from all around the world to compete in creating hyper-realistic cakes that resemble everyday objects. Their goal is to make these look so authentic that they can fool the three judges and walk away with a large quantity of money every episode.

The concept is crazy and strange in and of itself, but the biggest issue is the lack of logic and thinking that has gone into it. Contestants aren't permitted to approach near to the food on the cake wall, which feels like a missed opportunity. Why not just put them in glass boxes and let the participants figure it out with their wits and baking expertise?

Instead, they're a long way away, and even if they do win, the judges they showcase their food to are a motley collection of actors and comedians, with a couple of culinary critics thrown in for good measure.

The last episode is particularly problematic in this regard, with the three designated judges all being actors with no baking or culinary experience (unless I'm mistaken, in which case disregard this phrase!). Given that the winner is picked based on the quality of their cakes' appearance and taste, you'd think Netflix would have enlisted the help of a few cooks from one of their other shows.

That brings us to the second issue with this series. Is It Cake? is very noisy with a lot of shouting and screaming throughout. The ridiculous comments and jokes don't always land, and they can be cringe-worthy at times. Throughout the show, there is a lot of shameless promotion for other Netflix Originals.

Despite all of these criticisms, this is likely to be one of those series that Netflix is counting on to be a hit due to the immense craziness of it all. There's a reason series like Selling Sunset are so popular, and while Is It Cake? doesn't have the celebrity power or press coverage to be as successful, it has a lot of promise based on word of mouth.

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