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Justin Ellen from Is It Cake: Meet the Netflix Cast on Instagram!

Mar 25, 2022 @ 9:27 EDT
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Justin Ellen from Is It Cake: Meet the Netflix Cast on Instagram!

One of the contestants of Netflix's Is It Cake, Justin Ellen, impresses judges and viewers with his skills at a very young age. Justin Rasmussen-Ellen, who is 19, has been baking forever and runs a custom cake business. Fans wonder about Justin Rasmussen's baking journey and where he goes for his study. Meet Justin Ellen from Is It Cake on Instagram.

Netflix is always observant of its viewers' preferences and the types of content they enjoy watching. As a result, this platform is always producing new and distinctive content.

For the entertainment of its followers, Netflix has premiered a completely new reality baking competition titled 'Is It Cake?' in which bakers compete to fool many judges by creating ultra-realistic cakes.

On Is It Cake, bakers compete against one another as celebrity judges try to figure out if what they've put in front of them is cake or not. The grand prize winner gets $50,000 in cash. A hyper-realistic cake is not for the faint of heart. They require highly trained chefs with years of experience.

So, 'Is It Cake?' features nine well-known bakers who are eager to share their love of baking cake in all of its forms. Justin Ellen, a young baker from Passaic, is one of the contenders in the show. People wonder how a teenager was able to make it to the show. Let's find it right below.

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Meet Justin Ellen from Netflix's 'Is It Cake?'

Justin Ellen, 19, is one of the contestants on 'Is It Cake?' and he's been tasked with creating cakes that are indistinguishable from the genuine food, bags, bowling pins, and other items placed next to them. He is a self-taught baker who learned how to make cakes via YouTube lessons.

The Passaic, New Jersey, baker began his own custom cake business, Everything Just Baked — yeah, that's his name in the mix — when he was only 16 years old. Everything Just Baked is a black-owned bakery in Northern New Jersey that specializes in personalized cakes.

It claims to deliver happiness and memories to its consumers and aspires to create a family with them by encouraging everyone to share sweets with their loved ones.

According to Justin Ellen (@everythingjustbaked), he prepares up to 20 personalized cakes a week, including standard birthday and wedding cakes as well as disguised cakes, such as a realistic Chanel bag that could be lifted up by its chain strap and sliced open to reveal layers of soft chocolate delicacy.

He went to Passaic County Tech and is a self-taught baker who learned how to make cakes via YouTube lessons. You can tell immediately that Ellen was destined to be a baker.

Justin was so determined to be on Netflix's newest smash baking show that he chose to skip his high school prom and graduation to fly to Los Angeles for filming last June. To celebrate the occasion, the show presented him with a graduation cap. We can't deny the fact Justin Rasmussen-Ellen can do anything to pursue his baking dream.

While experience wins most of the time, Justin proved that it's always not about age or experience. The teenager was successful to impress judges and the show viewers. No wonder, he has some serious skills and will definitely succeed in his baking career.

This Is Why Is 'It Cake?' Fans Think One Of The Contestant Cheated

Jonny Manganello had to make cake tacos that looked realistic enough to trick the judges on the first episode of 'Is It Cake?'. But he improvised, making fake cherry tomatoes out of cake and garnishing the real dish of tacos with them in the hopes of fooling the judges into thinking his cake tacos were the real deal.

Despite the fact that he was not punished or reprimanded on the show for his trickery, some fans on Twitter believe he was a little too devious and dishonest.

One Twitter user claimed that "Johnny cheated by putting his fake tomatoes into the decoy cakes."

"So we gonna just act like Johnny didn't cheat in #IsItCake ep. 1??? Why didn't anyone say anything lmao I'm lost," another person tweeted.

Others thought the same way, however the final comment kind of answers the question. Manganello's actions were witnessed by the camera crew, as well as the show's producers and editors.

Everyone engaged in the making of 'Is It Cake?' who saw what he did concluded it wasn't a significant violation, implying that he wasn't cheating, even if his trick did leave a sour taste in some fans' mouths.

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