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Is it Cake: Annoying Host? Mikey Day is Not Popular on Reddit!

Mar 21, 2022 @ 12:37 EDT
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Is it Cake: Annoying Host? Mikey Day is Not Popular on Reddit!

Is It Cake host Mikey Day cracks unlimited (annoying) jokes in between the sessions of the Netflix show. Unfortunately, viewers are finding his jokes annoying, and people on Reddit and Twitter are fed up with the Is It Cake host Mikey Day.

Creating perplexity to the audience, the extremely talented bakers work into baking cakes looking exactly like that of the real objects. Netflix's new competitive show, Is it Cake? is all about making delusional cakes, and the show got released on 18th March 2022 with a total of eight episodes.

There are nine contestants: Andrew Fuller, April Julian, Dessiree Salaverria, Hemu Basu, Jonny Manganello, Nina Charles, Sam Cade, and Steve Weiss, participating in the show, and this show is literally filled with competitions.

Every episode has three judges, and these judges differ throughout the show. Therefore, Is it Cake? is that show where the number of judges is more in number than the cast members.

Apart from judges and cast members, we also have a host, Mikey Day. Mikey's job is to provide proper guidance to all the contestants during their participation on Is it Cake? However, many people have bashed the host and have claimed that Mikey is annoying, and should not have been the presenter.

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Is It Cake Host: Reddit Claims Mikey Day is Annoying!

A new Netflix exclusive show, Is it Cake?, released its eight episodes on 18th March 2022. Typically, this series is all about competition between talented and creative bakers, and in the show, these bakers are supposed to bake cakes that should look realistic to any everyday object.

Looking at how these bakers present their cakes, and the cakes' taste, the judges make the best possible judgment. In addition to judges and contestants, Is it Cake? , also had a host, Mikey Day.

The 42-year-old Michael William Day, professionally popular as Mikey Day (@mikeyfuntime) is a California-based actor and has been currently serving as the host of Netflix's new show, Is it Cake?

Conversely, this isn't the first time Mikey Day is hosting a reality show, rather, he had himself performed in reality shows on Wild N Out and Saturday Night Live.

Mikey has a degree in theatre and with the completion of his degree, Day joined an improv group and gained recognition for his work on a parody of magician David Blaine. Also, Day indulged himself in writing, and thus, wrote for Cartoon Network’s Incredible Crew (2013), which he also co-produced, and Adult Swim’s Robot Chicken (2014).

With time, Mikey then started his career in acting, and got the recurring role on TMZ for three years, and wrote and starred in the one-season long NBC variety show Maya & Marty.

As a host in Is It Cake?, Mikey Day is receiving hate, and the audience is finding him annoying. People have claimed that Mikey's jokes aren't even hilarious and his lame jokes aren't doing any better but making the spectators as well as the contestants exasperated.

The host is supposed to add more flavor to the show but seems like the audience didn't like Mikey's overall appearance on the show.

Is the Host Mikey Day from Is It Cake Married?

The host, Mikey Day has been gaining positive as well as negative exposure from the public, and with this exposure, many people are curious to know about his personal life, primarily focusing on his love life and relationship.

Although the host is yet to get married, he is in a healthy relationship with the renowned actress, Paula Christensen (@thepaulaverse). Paula and Mikey are parents to their baby boy who was born in August 2012.

Both Mikey and his partner are madly in love with each other and often share their together moments on their Instagram account.

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