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Is It Cake: Meet the Green Hair Guy Andrew Fuller!

Mar 29, 2022 @ 9:44 EDT
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Is It Cake: Meet the Green Hair Guy Andrew Fuller!

The unmissable green hair guy from Is It Cake is called Andrew Fuller. The Netflix star has been a bit of an oddball ever since he was a child with his pull towards unconventional and eccentric. He later blended his love for spooky things with his skills in crafting cakes, which took him to compete in Is It Cake. The green hair guy, Andrew Fuller, ultimately ended up winning the show. 

By now, Is It Cake has gained a lot of traction with its weird contents. Here, we have a reality game show where contestants are expected to bake cakes to look like not a cake but other objects and trick the celebrity judges into thinking that the cake they baked is not real by putting it in the midst of some real decoys.

If you are successful in deceiving the judges, you win a cash prize. Undoubtedly, the contestants require a great deal of baking skills and creativity to participate, but what an unusual way in which to use their skills.

Maybe weirder things have happened but this one's different now because it's a Netflix series that has taken off. I think the most satisfying thing about the show is cutting into objects and finding out that it's not the object it looks like but it's a cake.

As you keep watching the show, every time they cut the cake, you will find the expressions on people's faces quite obnoxious but the show can only offer so much.

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Who is the Green Hair Guy on Is It Cake?

And before you get over the preoccupation of the show Is It Cake that, for all its quirkiness, is not very original as it is based on a popular Instagram video from 2020 that depicted someone cutting into what appeared to be a Crocs sandal but was, in fact, a cake, since the moment Netflix launched its trailer, the audience became quite fixated on a green hair guy that is a contestant on the show.

With that bright green mohawk hair and colorful beard, he is hard to miss. And not to put too much stock on people's appearance, but in a baking competition, he looks so out of place.

I mean, when was the last time we ever heard of a person sporting vibrantly colored hair and beard, who also has tattoos turning out to be a baker. Unmissable because he is, I think everyone went, on taking one look at him, is it a baker.

Andrew Fuller (@sugarfreakshow); that's the green hair guy, is just as eccentric as the show itself. But as much as he looks like he doesn't belong there, he proved every one of those people wrong by displaying his expertise in the craft of making cakes look like other things.

With his hyper-realistic-looking conch-shell challah bread and weathered leather suitcase cakes, Andrew ultimately wins the baking competition. What more could he do to make people believe that he does belong? He said that he wanted to prove to the people that he is the best of the best at what he does, and he did exactly that.

Talking about himself, he describes himself as weirdly creative - not just creative but weirdly creative. And he is quite self-aware of it and assumes that people can tell just because of his whole vibe and aesthetic. He has always gravitated toward things being made out of unconventional things, and things that don’t make sense the way that they are. Since he was a little kid.

As a kid, when he lost his father, he moved in with his great-grandma for a while, where she taught him how to cook, how to bake, how to do simple things, like making griddle cakes and things like that. Cooking and baking somehow ended up becoming his happy thing so it always was on the back burner for him.

When he brought together his love for oddity and the unconventional, and his happiness and skills at baking cakes together, then the eccentric-looking baker Andrew Fuller was born. He said in the show 'if you don’t quite fit into the cake community, but you didn’t have enough talent to join the sideshow, you come together, and you create Andrew Fuller.'

He initially started the whole cake-baking thing on a conventional normal route. It was a business he called Guy Needs Cake, and he started by making a cake for his husband. And after watching the baking shows, he tried to imitate those for fun, and somewhere along the way, he blended baking seamlessly, albeit a little suddenly and advertently into spooky stuff.

He paid tribute to the love for spooky macabre things at first by making a placenta cake in 2018, and had it delivered to the hospital where people were freaked out and he was yelled at for bringing biohazardous material into the hospital. Since then, he decided that he would stick with realism. And the rest is history.

Andrew currently resides in Des Moines, Iowa with his husband. Unsurprising for him, he has some hairless cats, a pet leech, and Madagascar hissing cockroaches for pets. Not to mention his creepy collectibles.

He has a business Sugar Freakshow located at 3023 Southwest 9th Street, where he hand-makes his creations (in a 1980’s hearse) and delivers them.

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