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Is Adam Driver Gay?

Dec 18, 2023 @ 3:31 EST
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Is Adam Driver Gay?

Many people wonder if Adam Driver is gay as he previously played a gay man in a movie. Some people have also spread rumors that he divorced his wife. Well, the rumors are fake, and he is not gay. Currently, he is enjoying his life with two children and his wife, Joanne Tucker, with whom he got married in 2013.

Adam Douglas Driver, better known as Adam Driver, is an American actor who is known for his supporting role in the HBO series Girls. He began his career as a door-to-door salesman selling Kirby vacuum cleaners and as a telemarketer for a basement waterproofing company and Ben Franklin Construction. Recently, he has been in the news after returning to host a solid episode.

Adam Driver returns to host for the fourth time on the show called Saturday Night Live. During the show, he talks about his love for Christmas and a very deep and personal relationship with Santa. He also relays his Christmas list to Old Saint Nick and impresses his fans with his impressive piano skills. Many people were happy to see Adam on the show.

On the other hand, many people are curious to know about Adam's sexuality. They wonder if he is gay as he previously played a gay character in a movie. Well, let's find out what the truth is.

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No, Adam Driver Is Not Gay!

Adam Driver is not gay; he is straight. Some people think that he is gay because of his character in the 2012 movie Gayby. Well, he is married to a beautiful woman, Joanne Tucker, with whom he has two children. The family is a little secretive, but they are currently living in Brooklyn Heights with their children and dog.

People have been questioning Adam's sexuality for a long time. He has been very private about his life since the beginning of his career, which might be creating confusion. Some of his fans were shocked to know that he welcomed his second child in 2023 and that he was still with his wife. In 2019, there were rumors that he divorced his wife because he was gay, and he was accused of hiding his sexuality.

Adam Driver isn't and has never been gay. netflixdeed.comAdam Driver isn't and has never been gay.
Image Source: Instagram

One of the major reasons people think Adam is gay is because he was in a gay movie called Gayby. Gayby is a 2012 American romantic comedy-drama film that shows a strictly unromantic yet undeniably laughable story about two best friends, a gay guy named Matt and a straight woman named Jenn. In the movie, Adam played his role so well that people started wondering if he was gay in real life.

Meet Adam Driver’s Wife, Joanne Tucker!

Another reason why people think that Adam Driver is gay is because he has a Subaru car. Well, it looks like people are spreading rumors without any proof, which doesn't seem to be a good thing. The rumors of him being gay do not seem to be new, and hence he is married to a lovely woman with whom he has two children; he is straight.

Adam Driver is married to his wife, Joanne Tucker. netflixdeed.comAdam Driver is married to his wife, Joanne Tucker.
Image Source: Instagram

Driver got married to his long-term girlfriend, Joanne Tucker, in June 2013. The couple dated for more than five years before getting married. They met each other during their college years, and they welcomed their first child, in 2014. Their son's face and identity have been kept secret but during an interview, Adam mentioned that his son has no interest in watching his recent movie 65 and stated;

So, I was with my family all the time, and my son was just telling me everything about every dinosaur, dinosaurs and laser guns. And he's into dinosaurs. I'm like, 'I'm in. And then we went [to set], and he kind of knew everything. The guy was like, This might be a little scary. Don't be scared. He's like, No ... Gallimimus...Eoraptor... He was naming everything, he was really into it

Joanne Tucker Is an Actress as Well!

Many people might not be aware of Adam Driver's wife's early life, but she is the granddaughter of Bermudian politician Henry Tucker. Joanne comes from a famous family and has grown up in the spotlight.

At the beginning of her career, she acted in a few minor roles in various TV shows and movies over the years. She appeared in the 2020 movie Give or Take, the Showtime series American Rust, and alongside her husband in 2019's The Report.

Tucker has also starred in the show that shot Driver to fame, HBO's Girls. When she was asked about her thoughts on movies, she said that she loved playing in movies and that she loved putting herself in other people's shoes and imagining their lives from different perspectives.

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