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Ashley Walters Still Has a Scar He Got After Getting Stabbed

Dec 17, 2023 @ 11:27 EST
Ashley Walters Still Has a Scar He Got After Getting Stabbed

Ashley Walters has a visible scar on his scar. He previously revealed that he got the scar after being stabbed with a broken bottle by a white racist gang when he was just 15 years old.

Ashley Walters, better known by his stage name Asher D, is a British actor and rapper who rose to prominence as a member of the UK garage band, So Solid Crew, whose second single, 21 Seconds, reached the top place. He has also had a successful acting career. In the early 2000s, he gained popularity for his parts in Storm Damage, Bullet Boy Get Rich or Die Trying, and Life and Lyrics.

However, Walters gained national fame in the 2010s as Dushane Hill in the British crime series, Top Boy and as Ronnie Pike Jr. in the Sky One police procedural series, Bulletproof, which he co-created with Noel Clarke and Nick Love. In addition, he has acted in several British TV dramas such as Grange Hill, The Bill, Holby City, Doctor Who, Silent Witness, and Cuffs.

As Ashley Walters has shared his story about his neck scar in recent times, many fans are curious to know more about the incident in detail. Well, here is everything you need to know.

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Ashley Walters Got a Scar on His Neck After He Was Stabbed by a White Gang He When He Was Just 15 Years Old!

Ashley Walters (@ashleywalters) previously broke down on 1 June 2020 evening as he recalled being stabbed in the neck by racial thugs, leaving a scar, while aggressively addressing charges that he has not been vocal enough in the aftermath of George Floyd's horrible death in Minneapolis. He even reacted angrily to campaigners who believe he hasn't utilized his platform as a successful black actor to denounce Floyd's killing on May 25th.

Ashley Walters got a scar after he was stabbed by white thugs at the age of 15. netflixdeed.comAshley Walters got a scar after he was stabbed by white thugs at the age of 15.
Image Source: Instagram

Taking to Instagram, Ashley Walters told followers: "I’ve spent the evening in my feelings and my thoughts, about this George Floyd situation, and not necessarily about what happened to him. That’s devastating, and it’s terrible, and there’s no words to explain or describe how that s**t makes us feel; black people around the word, oppressed people around the world, how that makes us feel." He continued,

  This s**t has been going on in America for a while, it’s been going on here for a while, and I’m sure other places in the world. It just hasn’t been addressed and not a lot of people are doing anything about it.

Walters became more and more passionate as he asserted that he had experienced racism in both personal and professional settings, including being nearly killed by a knife as a teenager. Addressing the section of demonstrators who have lambasted high-profile celebrities for remaining silent with slogans like silence is betrayal.

As wife Danielle moved in to comfort her husband, Ashley Walters said: "You don’t know what I’ve been through for this thing. Half of you wouldn’t be working now if I hadn’t been out here doing my thing for the last however many years, being bullied and held back by white people in this game. He then continued,

Look at the scar on my neck where they left me for dead. I was 15-years old, like a little piece of s**t, and no one went to jail for that, and I’ve dealt with that forever. So the moral of my story is don’t ever tell me that because I don’t post I don’t have passion of feeling for anything, You people are really slow and stupid to be turning on each other at a time like this. 

Ashley Walters’ Greatest Regret in Life Is That His Children Witnessed His Arrest!

During an episode of Louis Theroux Interviews, Ashley Walters, the actor best known for his role as Dushane Hill in Top Boy, discussed his previous arrest. In the episode, he remembered how he paid £1,300 for a weapon to protect himself after someone drew a gun on him while carrying his young son, in response to a radio statement he made about someone duplicating his So Solid Crew lyrics.

Ashley Walters was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders' institute but only served seven months. netflixdeed.comAshley Walters was sentenced to 18 months in a young offenders' institute but only served seven months.
Image Source: The Sydney Morning Herald

After an incident with a traffic warden in which he made some harsh comments about firearms, the actor was detained in 2002 for illegally possessing an illegal gun. When he was arrested in London, his partner, Natalie Williams, and their children witnessed him being led away by police. In the BBC show, he recalled,

It was horrific. My biggest regret was that my kids were there. It was a tough time but it was a long time ago. It was a big part of my life and I didn’t ever want to go back [to prison].

Following his release from jail time, Ashley Walters made his feature film debut in Bullet Boy (2004). The film led to roles in Get Rich Or Die Tryin’, Life And Lyrics, Sky series Bulletproof, and Top Boy, which first aired on Channel 4 until it was renewed by Netflix. This year marked the end of its fifth season. The show also stars Kane 'Kano' Robinson, Jasmine Jobson, and Simbi Ajikawo.

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