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Is Kat von D Still Vegan?

Dec 15, 2023 @ 4:05 EST
Is Kat von D Still Vegan?

Many people are curious to know if Kat Von D is still vegan. She has been vegan for a long time and has spent thousands and thousands of dollars on the cause, but lately, people are accusing her of being no longer vegan as she took the V off her Instagram profile.

Katherine von Drachenberg, also known professionally as Kat Von D, is an American tattoo artist, television personality, entrepreneur, and recording artist. She started getting recognition after she worked as a tattoo artist on the TLC reality television show LA Ink, which premiered in the United States on August 7, 2007, and ran for four seasons.

Do you believe in witchcraft? Recently, Kat has been in the news after she gave up witchcraft and was baptized. The reality star openly rejected her affiliation with witchcraft and threw away her witchcraft books just over a year before the marriage. She posted a video on Instagram of her being baptized, where she was surrounded by friends and family in her Indiana community, where she relocated in 2020. Previously, she also expressed remorse for past choices.

On the other hand, many people are curious to know if she still is vegan as she has taken 'V' from her Instagram bio. Well, let's find it out together.

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Kat von D Is Accused of Being No Longer Vegan!

There are rumors that Kat Von D (@thekatvond) is no longer vegan, and has started eating meat and other dairy products. People are confused about how she has changed as she used to be so passionate and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the cause. Kat has yet to talk about this matter, but it looks like she is ignoring all the accusations.

Kat Von D has been vegan since the beginning of her career. She has been an entrepreneur for a long time, and her make-up is always in demand. In June 2016, when she announced that all products in the line would be reformulated to be vegan, many people started getting more excited about her product. Later in 2020, she even named her brand KVD Vegan Beauty, where KVD stands for Kindness, Vegan Beauty, and Discovery.

Kat Von D has not responded on whether or not she still is vegan. netflixdeed.comKat Von D has not responded on whether or not she still is vegan.
Image Source: Instagram

Kat Von is not only vegan, but she has spoken on behalf of animal rights many times. In 2016, she received Farm Sanctuary's Compassion in Action Award for her work. Well, if there is anything people can criticize, then they will miss the change, right? Similarly, in 2018, when she posted about being a pro-vegan and that she would also raise her child on a vegan diet, there was a big controversy, and many people thought that she was crazy.

What Inspired Kat von D to Be a Vegan?

The public seems curious to know the reason why Kat Von D chose to be a vegan. Was she vegan from birth? Many questions about her have been confusing people for a long time. Well, she was not vegan in her childhood days, and she has revealed that in the early 2010s, she started thinking about becoming vegan.

Kat Von D has not been involved in a vegan program since 2020. netflixdeed.comKat Von D has not been involved in a vegan program since 2020.
Image Source: Instagram

In 2020, when Kat launched a line of vegan footwear and other news, she talked about her desire to be vegan. She said that she is very proud to be a vegan, and she is also pushing her 12-year-old cosmetics brand to have the entire line reformulated to be vegan. She also mentioned;

I’d been a vegetarian for a long time, but in 2011, when I became vegan, I felt I needed to be able to walk the walk and not just talk the talk. And they’ve always supported my vision so they backed me on it. And it took a lot of money and energy and time — about a year — to do it. We had to replace ingredients like beeswax and carmine [a red pigment made from crushed beetles]. I had no idea about any of that when we started.

Is Kat von D Still Vegan as of 2023?

Lately, people are claiming that Kat Von D is not vegan anymore and talking about this topic on Reddit. When one of the users posted about this matter on TikTok, claiming that Kat is not vegan, many commented on their thoughts. The user said that Kat is not vegan anymore because she took the V off her Instagram profile and no longer shares her thoughts and fundraisers for veganism.

The user also claims that Kat and he share a common friend who has said that Kat eats meat all the time now. He also said that he is curious how someone can do that as she used to be so passionate and spend thousands and thousands of dollars on the cause.

Well, it's been a year since people have asked Kat about this matter, but she has not revealed anything yet.

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