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Gwi-nam from All of Us Are Dead: Actor, Death, Real Name!

Jan 31, 2022 @ 6:39 EST
Gwi-nam from All of Us Are Dead: Actor, Death, Real Name!

Gwi-nam on All of Us Are Dead is a well-known school bully who has no qualms about inflicting misery on his classmates. Yoon Gwi-nam is played by a South Korean actor, whose real name is Yoo In-soo. Fans wonder about Gwi-nam's death in the Netflix show.

All of Us Are Dead, Netflix's latest mega-budget South Korean thriller, has been released (on Friday 28th January 2022).

It's little surprise that All of Us Are Dead is being praised as the next Squid Game, with plenty of violence and horror and another title that appears to be a metaphor for a major social disease. Furthermore, a member of the Squid Game cast plays a prominent role in the new Netflix series.

Based on the South Korean webtoon Now at Our School, All of Us Are Dead follows a group of high school kids who are forced into a zombie apocalypse after a science experiment goes disastrously wrong. The series takes place in a high school with violent social dynamics.

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Does Yoon Gwi-nam Die in All of Us Are Dead?

Yoo In-soo (@k.a_innsoo) has taken on the role of a bully named Gwi-nam in All of Us Are Dead, following appearances in dramas such as Moment at Eighteen and At a Distance, Spring Is Green.

According to the actor, when the zombie apocalypse occurs, Gwi-nam does whatever is necessary to survive and finally becomes a greater menace to the survivors rather than the zombies. And yes, Gwi-nam dies in the series.

After Lee Cheong-san records him killing the principal, he begins a bitter hatred with him. He swears to assassinate Cheong-san and pursues him through the zombie-infested school.

During their fight, however, Cheong-san stabs one of Gwi-nam's eyeballs,  causing him to collapse among the zombies. Gwi-nam's transformation is triggered by the countless bites he receives. The virus mutates inside him and learns to imitate human awareness.

Throughout the rest of the season, Gwi-nam pursues Cheong-san. He then bites Choi Nam-ra, causing her to undergo a metamorphosis as well. They, like the half-bies, are neither zombies nor people.

By the end of the season, it was clear that all of the half-bies we watched were undergoing change. Only Nam-ra has undergone a total change in the last scene. Gwi-nam is repeatedly thrown from great heights, but he keeps returning to try to kill Cheong-san. He eventually bites his enemy and infects him.

Cheong-san then chooses to divert the attention of other zombies in order for his comrades to escape. Gwi-nam and Cheong-san have one more vicious fight before the military bombs the school, and they appear to die together.

All of Us Are Dead: Plot Summary

All of Us Are Dead begins with a flashback sequence in which Lee Jin-su, the son of science instructor Byeong-chan, is bullied by his classmates on an empty building's rooftop terrace at night.

When Jin-su is attacked by a bully named Yoon Gwi-nam, a virus inside his body reacts with his neurological system and turns him into a zombie. When Gwi-nam pushes Jin-su off the terrace, Jin-su gets extraordinary power and fights back.

When Byeong-chan pays a visit to his kid in the hospital, he sees the monster he has created as a result of his experiment.

Byeong-chan strikes his son with a bible and wraps him in a suitcase to make the body disappear in order to stop the outbreak and make reparations for his sins. Jin-su, on the other hand, does not die, so Byeong-chan takes him home and locks him in his room.

A few days later, a Hyosan High School girl named Hyeon-ju falls asleep in class and wakes up in the evening to find herself alone in the science lab. She hears a noise coming from a covered cage, and the vicious hamster bites her finger as she approaches.

The creature is clearly infected with a zombie virus, and Byeong-chan arrives and locks Hyeon-ju up as soon as the infection infects him.

The series swiftly moves to its main characters: student Lee Cheong-san, her neighbor Nam On-jo, and their pals, who are dealing with a zombie outbreak spread by Hyeon-ju in their school. She breaks free from Byeong-custody chan's and bites the infirmary doctor, infecting the rest of the kids.

Byeong-chan is now the only person who can possibly stop the virus from spreading, but a police officer named Jae-ik apprehends him and takes him to the station.

Will Byeong-chan reveal the solution or will he let everyone perish in order to avenge his son's abusers?

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