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Does Preacher Die in Virgin River Season 4? Does Paige Get Caught and Go to Jail for Killing Wes? Who Drugged Preacher?

Jul 26, 2022 @ 6:43 EDT
Does Preacher Die in Virgin River Season 4? Does Paige Get Caught and Go to Jail for Killing Wes? Who Drugged Preacher?

'Does Preacher Die?' is one of the trending topics as Netflix recently released Season 4 of Virgin River and fans were assuming he might be killed while battling Vince. He was battling Vince because someone drugged him and kidnapped Christopher, Paige's son, who he promised to take care of. Follow the article to know if Preacher dies, who drugged him, and if Paige gets caught for killing Wes and goes to jail.

Virgin River is a Netflix original series based on the same-named book series by American novelist Robyn Carr. It follows Melinda "Mel" Monroe, a nurse practitioner and midwife, who arrives in Virgin River at the beginning of the story, and it centers on the many residents of the fictional California town of the same name and their aspirations.

One of the prominent characters in Virgin River is John "Preacher" Middleton, played by Colin Lawrence. Like Jack, who he served in Iraq with, he is a former Marine. He works as a chef at Jack's bar when the series premieres. Later, Preacher rejects an offer to work in San Francisco in order to accept Jack's invitation to join him in business.

After Season 3 of the show ended, many viewers speculated that Preacher might die as he was, most probably, about to face off Vince who had kidnapped Paige Lassiter's son, Christopher. Now that Season 4 has already arrived, it's very clear about his fate when it comes to his survival. What do you think? Does he die? Well, we've got your answer.

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Does Preacher Die? Does Paige Get Caught and Go to Jail for Killing Wes? Who Drugged Preacher? Virgin River Season 4 Update!

Since the start of Virgin River, Preacher has been one of the leading characters of the show. He eventually started having feelings for Paige Lassiter, the owner of the town's bakery truck, in season 1. Over time, as their relationship developed, Paige revealed to Preacher that she and her young son Christopher were escaping her violent ex-husband Wes.

Wes found Paige in Season 2, and after a violent brawl, she fatally shot him. In order to help her hide the body, Paige called Preacher. Paige eventually left town out of fear for her life, leaving Christopher in the custody of Wes. Wes' identical twin brother Vince starts looking for Paige. Preacher was drugged and left in the woods by Sally, who Vince acquired, leaving Christopher helpless and vulnerable.

In Season 4 of the show, Vince told her that if she gladly took Christopher's place, he would give him back. Obviously, Preacher advised her to decline and told her that he would bring Christopher home safely.

Paige agreed with the deal and left with Vince while Preacher was out, allowing Christopher to be released. Following that, Paige was seen being taken back to the chalet with Vince, who questioned her over the death of his brother. Vince was about to kill her when Preacher barged in and saved the day.

Preacher enters the cabin where Vince was hiding and demands that he release Paige under threat of being shot. Although he also has some information on Vince, he claims that he wants Paige to suffer for what she did to Wes.

Preacher explains to Vince that Paige didn’t mean to kill his twin brother, Wes. After being briefly knocked out, he unexpectedly gets the upper hand and smashes Vince in the head with a piece of firewood.

It is hinted that Vince was the one who shot Jack in the season 2 finale throughout the whole fourth season of Virgin River. Obviously, we had a sneaking suspicion that Brady wasn't the one being falsely accused, and in the season 4 finale, Vince is revealed to be the real guilty person.

In the season 4 finale, Preacher absolutely knocks Vince out, although it doesn't seem like the damage killed him. However, we can't be for sure because the show ends shortly after, but we have a good amount of proof to suggest he's not dead. Meanwhile, it's also unclear what happens to Paige. It seems like we have to wait for Season 5 to know if she gets caught for killing Wes and goes to jail.

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