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Did Jeffrey Dahmer Really Get Baptized? What Day or When Did He Get Baptized? Why Did He Want to Follow Baptism in Prison?

Sep 26, 2022 @ 5:53 EDT
Did Jeffrey Dahmer Really Get Baptized? What Day or When Did He Get Baptized? Why Did He Want to Follow Baptism in Prison?

Jeffrey Dahmer really got baptized on May 10, 1994, in prison on the day of a solar eclipse. He believed following baptism would wash his all sins away. Additionally, he got inspired by John Wayne Gacy who claimed to have been forgiven by god. Coincidentally, he got killed by lethal injection on the same day Jeffrey got baptized.

Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is finally available on Netflix which chronicles the acts of Jeffrey Dahmer. One of the most prominent and prolific serial killers in US history, Jeffrey is certainly one of the first people who comes to mind when you hear the term 'serial killer'. In order to ostensibly satisfy his own sexual urges, Dahmer killed at least 17 individuals in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, between 1978 and 1991; the majority of them were LGBT or people of color.

He would use the bodies of his victims, some of whom were as young as 14, for s*x activities, consume their remains, or keep some of their corpses in his apartment after torturing and killing them. In 1991, the police arrived at Dahmer's front door thanks to the courageous escape of one potential victim. Four severed heads, together with wrapped-up human organs and body parts, were discovered in his kitchen when the authorities finally arrested him.

Similarly, there are a lot of things Jeffrey did after being imprisoned. Some people also claim that they've heard Jeffrey got baptized in the prison. However, they're on sure if that's true. Well, we've got you covered.

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Jeffrey Dahmer Really Got Baptized in Prison on May 10, 1994, Which Also Was a Solar Eclipse Day: What Did He Think About Baptism?

Yes, Jeffrey Dahmer really got baptized on May 10, 1994, which also happened to be the day when John Wayne Gacy was killed by lethal injection. Jeffrey reportedly followed baptism after Gacy frequently claimed that he was forgiven by god in his interviews.

John Wayne Gace was on the verge of being put to death for his crimes, thus he was always in the headlines while Dahmer was serving his time in prison as a sort of minor celebrity, pulling practical jokes and signing autographs. Gacy had discovered God while behind bars and thought he had been forgiven. When Dahmer saw his interviews, he started to consider whether he, too, may ask for divine pardon and ensure his entrance into heaven.

Jeffrey Dahmer then met a pastor. He revealed to the priest his intentions to build a life-sized altar for the devil and that he was gathering body parts for it. He intended to get baptized and have his sins washed away as if it were ever going to be that simple. Those themes of potential forgiveness and grace went throughout the entire story and were not just relevant to a man who was facing the prospect of being put to death.

Dahmer, however, thought there were differences between him and Wayne Gacy. Wayne Gacy, he said, had not admitted to his crimes, but had instead made amends for them via Christian rituals of confession and Communion. Dahmer came to the realization that he wished to be baptized as,

Baptism is all about washing away all your sins.

A solar eclipse started to block out the light on the day of Jeffrey Dahmer's baptism and Gacy's execution by lethal injection, which also happened to be the same day. It appeared as though the sun itself was unable to stand to see. Dahmer thought the arrangement of the scenes suggested his resurrection, especially after the priest said to him, "You are saved."

Dahmer apparently found peace, but the relatives of the victims did not. Glenda Cleveland admitted to having nightmares of torturing Dahmer in the same way as he tortured his victims despite not losing a family member or a close friend.

The father of Konerak Sinthasomphone, 14, expressed his displeasure, saying, "Because every morning I get up, and I remember Jeffrey Dahmer is still alive. But Konerak is not." After drilling a hole in Konerak's skull and injecting an acid-like substance, which was subsequently discovered to be one of Dahmer's failed experiments to turn his victims into living zombies, Konerak was killed by Dahmer. Even when Dahmer made an effort to get back to God, certain publishing houses and his followers produced a comic book series and published a story titled 'Jeffrey Dahmer vs Jesus Christ'.

The conclusion of Dahmer - Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story prompted a moral issue about whether God also intended for sinners. Christopher Scarver reinforced the idea of being a Christian after Dahmer said that he committed the crimes because he felt lost.

The gods of forgiveness and retribution sparred and warred against one other in the tenth episode. But revenge won the day. Dahmer barely made any noise as Scarver bludgeoned him to death. It's possible that the timing of Dahmer's murder was planned, but there aren't enough records to support this theory.

Additionally, Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story is now available on Netflix.

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