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Dez From The Boss Baby: Looks Like a Cardboard Box!

May 25, 2022 @ 8:06 EDT
Dez From The Boss Baby: Looks Like a Cardboard Box!

Dez, one of the characters of Netflix's The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib, is one of the crew members of the Boss Baby team which decides to fix the Baby Corp. Many viewers wonder how he looks. Well, he is a character in the shape of a Cardboard Box. Zeke Alton is the actor behind Dez's voice. Follow the article to find out more about Dez and why he chose the Cardboard box.

Animated films are doing better than ever before. This is mostly due to technical advancement, and The Boss Baby franchise is one of many animated films that have recently captivated our imagination and sparked our attention while also entertaining us.

Tim Templeton was introduced to our screens in 2017. Now, in 2022, DreamWorks' small project has grown into a franchise that includes two movies and two television series. When the first picture was released, it got mixed reviews and had a modest box office success. That hasn't stopped the Baby Boss from continuing to distribute content across the various channels where it has surfaced.

The Boss Baby: Back In The Crib is a follow-up to The Boss Baby: Back In Business, which ended a few years ago after four seasons. The desire for more Baby entertainment seems to be high enough that a new Netflix series was created.

The new Netflix series has lots of new and strange characters. One of them is Dez who is part of the Boss Baby crew. Dez certainly has a very unique character. So, let's know more about Dez in detail.

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Meet Dez ‘The Cardboard Box’ From the Boss Baby: Voice Actor, Ending & More!

Dez really has a unique character in the show. He is a Cardboard box. He explains that he chose to become a cardboard box so nobody could see him coming. Furthermore, everyone in the show got shocked by his appearance. However, all of them praised his idea.

Zeke Alton is a voice actor and former US Navy test pilot from the United States. He grew up on US military posts across Europe after being born in Brindisi, Italy. He is the biracial son of a British School teacher and a US Air Force veteran. While still serving in the military, he began acting in theater and indie films before migrating to Los Angeles and becoming a full-time performer. He went to the Studio Theater Conservatory to study acting.

In the show, Teddy and Tina recognize the shortcomings and set out to correct them. They circulated a petition to abolish the 5% system, which was signed by a number of department heads. They become buddies after listening to the arguments made by the babysitters.

They recognize how dangerous and ill-conceived the entire system is, so they agree to work together. Teddy coordinated the mission to save UBO from her overcrowded secure jail while Tina persuaded everyone to sign. Tim transforms into an uncuddlable and joins the mission.

Because of its marketing strategy, the Baby Corp just ignores the other babies who deserve just as much attention. They don't offer much diversity and simply target specific babies in order to boost their baby love meter. They refuse to change simply because the current structure helps them to generate more revenue and attract sponsors.

Regardless of this, they have all been fired. Teddy, Tina, JJ, Dez, Pip, and the department heads are all fired after making a convincing presentation to the board. Ultra Baby Omega, on the other hand, finds a happy home with a Hollywood A-list couple who can withstand prolonged exposure to UBO's brilliance.

Therefore, the Boss baby and his team, including Dez succeed in their mission, however, end up losing their job. Dez exactly did what he intended at the beginning of the show which was to spy on people without letting them know. Nobody expected that a person would be in a Cardboard box and Dez was able to find information and help the team.

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