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Who is Daphne Dorman from Dave Chappelle's Netflix Sketch Comedy?

Oct 8, 2021 @ 3:14 EDT
Who is Daphne Dorman from Dave Chappelle's Netflix Sketch Comedy Series?

Viewers are wondering who Daphne Dorman is after Dave Chappelle’s new comedy The Closer dropped on Netflix. Daphne died in 2019 at the age of 44.

Since 2016, the US comedian Dave Chappelle has been presenting Netflix specials, and this is the sixth installment in his stand-up TV comedy.

Dave addresses crucial subjects like prejudice, identity, and sexual orientation in The Closer. He references someone named Daphne Dorman at one instance in his delivery, but who is she?

Who is Daphne Dorman?

Daphne Dorman was a transgender activist, comic, and actress whose name appears frequently in Dave Chappelle's performances.

She was born in Philadelphia but raised in San Francisco, where she worked as a computer programmer before pursuing a life in comedy. Daphne passed away in 2019 at the age of 44.

Daphne Dorman Took Her Own Life in 2019

Tragically, Daphne Dorman committed suicide in October 2019 when she was 44. Daphne's sister reported her death on Facebook, writing,

Sweet, sweet Daphne. I so wish we could all have helped you through your darkness. We’ll always love you, fly high sweet angel.

The San Francisco Office of Transgender Initiatives then verified her passing on its Twitter handle.

Prior to her death, she posted a heartbreaking Facebook message in which she stated:

I’m sorry. I’ve thought about this a lot before this morning. How do you say ‘goodbye’ and ‘I’m sorry’ and ‘I love you; to all the beautiful souls you know? For the last time. There’s no good way.

She added,

I’m sorry and I hope you’ll remember me in better times and better light. I love you all. I’m sorry. Please help my daughter, Naia, understand that none of this is her fault.

This was the last Facebook post she ever made.

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