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Clark Olofsson Now: Daniel Demuynck's Present Whereabouts Revealed!

May 11, 2022 @ 11:09 EDT
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Clark Olofsson Now: Daniel Demuynck's Present Whereabouts Revealed!

Where is Clark Olofsson now? After spending most of his young life in prison for attempted murder, assault, robbery, and drug selling, many Netflix miniseries Clark viewers are asking where Clark Olofsson is now. In 1965, Clark and his friends broke into Tage's greenhouse, Sweden's then-Prime Minister. During the crime, authorities discovered them, and Gunnar fatally shot one of the officers. Go through the article to find out more about Clark Olofsson aka Daniel Demuynck.

If you’re looking for true-crime dramas then Netflix is likely your first point of call most of the time, with the latest to arrive exploring the story of Clark Olofsson. The platform has produced several outstanding instances of the genre, the most recent of which explores the narrative of Clark Olofsson.

The charming criminal is played by actor Bill Skarsgard, and the six-part series is based on Olofsson's autobiography.

The Netflix miniseries Clark tells the story of Clark Olofsson, an infamous criminal in Sweden. He has been the subject of substantial media coverage since the 1960s and has spent most of his adult life behind bars.

The Swedish series, simply titled Clark, depicts the titular guy who coined the phrase "Stockholm Syndrome." As a coping tactic, victims may begin to care for their abusers or captors.

The six-part Netflix series Clark follows the titular character's journey from a petty robber to a drug dealer. So, who exactly is Clark Olofsson, and where is Clark Olofsson now?

Who is Clark Olofsson? Where is He Now?

Clark Olofsson was born in February 1947 into an alcoholic family. He had a terrible upbringing. Clark Olofsson, later known as Daniel Demuynck, is a criminal from Sweden who now lives in Belgium. When Clark Olofsson turned 18, his life took a turn, and it all started with a simple escapade.

In 1965, Clark and his friends broke into Tage Erlander's greenhouse, Sweden's then-Prime Minister. They collected vegetables and fruits inside. They fled after the gardener noticed them.

After serving his first prison sentence, the severity of his offenses and his behavior changed. He robbed a bicycle shop in the mid-1960s, resulting in the shooting of an officer. Clark served eight years in prison for the same crime, at which time he met Jan-Erik Olsson, who would later become his bank robbery companion.

This is the origin of the infamous Stockholm Syndrome. Olsson had kidnapped bank employees and requested that Olofsson be released so that they could collaborate.

In addition to his legendary robberies, Clark Olofsson became renowned as the Stockholm Syndrome criminal. The captives in Olofsson and Olsson's bank robbery developed feelings for them. Both of the culprits were subsequently apprehended and sentenced to prison.

After being wanted globally by Interpol for several months, he was caught in Tenerife in 1998 as the head of narcotics smuggling. Olofsson was sentenced to 14 years in jail the following year for smuggling 49 kg of amphetamine into Denmark. This was, by the way, the harshest drug sentence in Danish legal history.

On the other hand, Clark Olofsson was paroled in 2005. He continued to smuggle drugs until he was apprehended again in 2009 and sentenced to 14 years in jail, as well as lifetime deportation.

Clark was transported to a Belgian jail to serve the balance of his sentence in November 2016. After abandoning his Belgian citizenship, he was granted Swedish citizenship the following year.

Clark Olofsson Now: Wife & Children!

Clark Olofsson was released from prison in 2018 and has maintained a clean record till now. Clark turned his life around, married once, had six children, and is now engaged to his fiancée, according to Expressen and Aftonbladet.

In prison, Clark got engaged to Madiorie Britmer on July 7, 1967. In 1976, he married Marijke Demuynck from Belgium, and they resided in a larger house in the Belgian countryside on occasion. On a personal note, Clark met Marijke, a 19-year-old young woman, when he fled from prison in 1975, and moved to Belgium, where they raised three children.  However, Marijke's marriage to him ended in 1999.

Now Clark Olofsson has six children: one with his now-fiancée, three with his former wife, Marijke, and two daughters from before his marriage. After abandoning his Belgian citizenship, he now has been granted Swedish citizenship.

Clark stated in 2018 that now he had no regrets because he had traveled the globe and lived like a king. Clark went on to say that his six children (from four different women) had a wonderful life. Clark intended to fly to Malmö, Sweden, after his release from prison to live with a cousin. According to recent sources, he now resides in Belgium.

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