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Chase from Inventing Anna: Cast, Actor, Real Life Details!

Feb 17, 2022 @ 12:59 EST
Chase from Inventing Anna: Cast, Actor, Real Life Details!

Chase Sikorski from Inventing Anna is Anna's ex-boyfriend and business partner. Throughout the Netflix show, we witness their relationship is tested by everything from failed business ventures to intruding friends. Chase is Hunter Lee Soik in real life. The character of Chase from Inventing Anna is played by actor/cast Saamer Usmani.

Shonda Rhimes created and produced Inventing Anna, an American drama streaming television miniseries based on Jessica Pressler's New York magazine story "How Anna Delvey Tricked New York's Party People". On February 11, 2022, Netflix released the series where Julia Garner plays the protagonist.

While watching Inventing Anna on Netflix, viewers are instantly curious about Anna Delvey's lover Chase Sikorski (portrayed by Saamer Usmani). When Julia Garner's Anna meets Chase, the two become inseparable.

Delvey takes advantage of hotels, banks, and friends. She also uses her boyfriend's credit card to wander about New York City. Chase Sikorski is a genuine person from Anna Delvey's existence as a phony heiress; however, the series' authors altered his name.

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Who is Chase Sikorski Based on in Inventing Anna?

It's important emphasizing that there is no Chase Sikorski and that his start-up, Wake never existed. This company's name, as well as its name, has been made up. While the New York story did not identify him, there were a few indications and information about him.

He was "on the TED-Talks circuit who'd been covered in The New Yorker," according to the article, and Sorokin went about with him for a period in 2015.

According to the article, the lover got out of town the next year. After that, it was 2016 when the guy, whose app never materialized, moved to the United Arab Emirates, and Anna made her own way to New York.

This suggests that the timelines of Inventing Anna are also a little messed up because the Anna we see was already making moves in New York for a while before she and Chase broke up.

So far, we have no idea who Sikorski is, but the New York Post has done an excellent job of narrowing down some possible options.

Former AOL executive David Shing (also known as "Shingy"), a bizarre Australian with an eccentric sense of style who once gave a TEDx Talk about people being "connected", which Chase says in his talk (and was profiled by The New Yorker), and Ray Kurzweil, who has written books on Artificial Intelligence and other things of the ilk, seemed to be the two leading candidates.

Both fit the "TED/ Futurist/New Yorker Profiled" criteria, although Shingy is 50 and Kurzweil is 73 (Sorokin is 31), making the match appear less possible.

Chase Sikorski, Anna Delvey's Boyfriend in Inventing Anna, is Hunter Lee Soik in Real Life

Despite the fact that the Futurist's name was not given in the New York Magazine article, Anna Delvey's Instagram (@theannadelvey) account aligns with Hunter Lee Soik's Twitter account (@hunterleesoik) in various timelines.

Delvey's Instagram account and Soik's Twitter account both published the same photo of Azzedine Alaa on January 21, 2014.

The painting portrays a Tunisian couturier and shoe designer who received the Best Designer of the Year award in 1984. Soik and Delvey both published images from the same area in Paris in 2014.

Soik delivered a Ted Talk about dreams in 2013 that sounds very similar to Sikorski's talk in Inventing Anna. Soik and Sikorski both wanted to make an app that would serve as a dream database.

Soik's Twitter account still has the chessboard mentioned by Vivian Kent in Episode 2 of Inventing Anna. Soik's Instagram account, on the other hand, is now private.

Soik's profile in the New Yorker is public, and he has many parallels with Chase in Inventing Anna. In addition, Soik has launched a Kickstarter campaign to develop his dream app.

Soik did make his dream app, Shadow: Community of Dreamers, according to Fast Company. It's an alarm clock that gently wakes people up so they may record their dreams when they wake up. When Shonda Rhimes changed Hunter Lee Soik's name to Chase Sikorski for Inventing Anna, she produced a smart play on words.

Chase is a nickname for a talented huntsman, according to  Furthermore, their surnames, Soik and Sikorski, share several of the same letters. Although Netflix does not openly mention that Chase Sikorski is based on Hunter Lee Soik, there are significant parallels.

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