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Ceara Coveney from Young Wallander: Meet the Netflix Actress on Instagram!

Feb 25, 2022 @ 9:48 EST
Ceara Coveney from Young Wallander: Meet the Netflix Actress on Instagram!

Ceara Coveney, Mia from the series Young Wallander on Netflix is a British actress with Irish ancestry, presumably in her mid-twenties. Her acting credits besides Young Wallander consist of The Amazing World of Emma, a thriller student short film, and The Wheel of Time, a fantasy series. While her precise age and birthday are unknown, you may find Ceara Coveney on Instagram.

Have you watched Young Wallander: Killer's Shadow yet? It's been out on Netflix since February 17, 2022. It is the second installment of Young Wallander, a crime drama series based on a character written by Swedish novelist Henning Mankell.

If you have watched it, didn't a certain somebody catch your eye, that certain somebody being a red-headed girl called Mia?

Mia, portrayed by Ceara Coveney, is a lawyer friend to the girlfriend of Kurt Wallander - the main character. Mia then tries to get too friendly with him as a way of knowing more about the development of the latest case Wallander's working on.

If you want to know about the one who plays this woman, keep on reading!

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Ceara Coveney: Everything We Know About Young Wallander Actress!

Ceara Coveney is a British-Irish actress who has notably played the role of Elayne Trakand in The Wheel of Time.

The information about her birth date is not available in the public domain. So, we can't exactly tell when she was born or how old she is. But, by the looks of it, she looks young and she could be in her mid-twenties.

Though the actress is of British nationality, she was raised in Ireland. She also has Irish ancestry as both her parents are from Ireland. They are of the white European ethnic group.

Ceara Coveney catches people's eyes with her striking red hair and gorgeous brown eyes. As for her height, she leans more on the shorter side, her height being five feet four inches.

Since she's not a mainstream actor yet and is yet to headline a movie or show by herself, she is relatively less known. (She has however headlined a short film.) So, the details about her childhood are not known to the public and have not emerged on the internet.

Hence, if anybody asked us things like where Ceara Coveney went to school, where she went to college, what was her major, when did she decide to get into acting, was it later, or had she been passionate about acting from a young age, has she done any theatres, or she directly made it to the television screen, it would be a waste of words as we would not be able to answer any of that.

But even if we don't know her life before she started acting, and her life after she started acting, we can take a look at her works. Going on her IMDb page, Ceara Coveney has been credited on projects like The Wheel of Time, Young Wallander, and The Amazing World of Emma.

The short film she headlined is The Amazing World of Emma in which she plays the titular role of Emma, a university student whose life is completely changed after she discovers the existence of a website dedicated to her. The short film has won many accolades of Best Student Short Film in Moscow Film Festival 2020, Performance Short Film Competition 2021, Firm Film Festival Valladolid 2021, and British Independent Film Festival 2021.

It was also nominated in the same category in Crystal Palace International Film Festival 2021. In Prague International Film Festival 2021, the short film was nominated for Best Cinematography, Best Student Director, Best Actress Debut. This is likely her debut that came in 2019.

Ceara Coveney's other acting credits Young Wallander and The Wheel of Time came after 2019 in 2020 and 2021 respectively.

The actress has amassed over 5000 followers on her Instagram as of now. It has not been long since she joined social media. She has so far made only 22 posts. Her username is @cearacoveney.

Not very active on Instagram, but on Twitter, she makes up for it. She joined Twitter on October 17 and since has been super active on Twitter. She has, till right now, tweeted 226 times and has gained 2501 followers.

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