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Cast of Welcome to Eden: Meet the Bienvenidos a Eden Cast on Netflix!

May 10, 2022 @ 6:54 EDT
Cast of Welcome to Eden: Meet the Bienvenidos a Eden Cast on Netflix!

Fans want to learn more about the cast members of Welcome to Eden, a Spanish thriller TV show that was recently premiered on Netflix. The series is created by Joaquin Gorriz and Guillermo Lopez Sanchez. Get to know more about the cast of Welcome to Eden aka Bienvenidos a Eden on Netflix.

Netflix's new series, Welcome to Eden (Bienvenidos a Eden), which was premiered on May 6, 2022, highlights a group of young adults, including Zoa and four young, gorgeous, and social media-active boys and girls, who are invited to the most private party in history, held on a secret island and organized by a new drink company.

What begins as a thrilling journey quickly becomes the trip of a lifetime. But all is not as it seems in paradise. The enticing paradise they discover awaits them with terrifying secrets and traps.

Elevated by an amazing cast, the series not only captures your interest but also keeps you on the edge of your seat, presenting you with twists and turns that add to the mystery, leading you on a fascinating trip.

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Welcome to Eden Cast: Meet all the Cast Members of Bienvenidos a Eden on Netflix!

With a total of eight episodes, Netflix's new series, Welcome to Eden, premiered on May 6, 2022. The series, also known as Bienvenidos a Eden has been loved by millions of people. So, let's get to know the cast members.

Amaia Aberasturi stars as Zoa

In the recently released Netflix series Welcome to Eden, Amaia Aberasturi stars as Zoa. At the beginning of the series, Zoa is a young woman who receives a cryptic text asking, "Are you happy?" This leads her and her best friend, Judit, on a quest to find Eden.

Amaia Aberasturi (@amaiaaberasturi) is a Spanish actress who first appeared on screen in the 2010 film The Retaliators. The actress reappeared in March to remember eight years later.

Amaia was nominated for a Goya Award for Best Actress for her performance in the historical drama Coven. The actress has been increasingly active on television, with roles in Victor Ros, Remember When, Hospital Valle Norte, 45 rpm, and, most recently, The Age of Wrath.

Berta Castañé as Gaby

Berta Castaé plays Gaby in the freshly released Netflix series Welcome to Eden. Gaby is Zoa's younger sister, whom she has had to care for and protect for most of her life.

Castaé (@berta_castane) is a Catalan actress and model, best known for her roles in the films Bajo Sospecha and El Secreto de Puente Viejo. She appeared in six episodes of Todos mienten, as well as Big Band Clan and Com si fos ahir, before joining Welcome to Eden. The actress played the character of Girl in the short film, Mil Battles.

Sergio Momo as Nico

Nico is played by Sergio Momo in the Netflix series Welcome to Eden. Nico is a member of the Eden Foundation who aspires to be promoted.

Sergio Momo (@SergioMomo) is a Spanish actor who has appeared in films such as Rescue Under Fire, The Neighbor, and Elite. As a child actor, the star identifies himself. Momo is a social media celebrity with nearly half a million Instagram followers as of this writing.

Albert Baró as Aldo

In the Netflix series Welcome to Eden, actor Albert Baro plays Aldo. Aldo is one of the visitors at the party in the series, and he is more skeptical of the Foundation's goal than most.

Albert Baro (@albertbaro) is a Spanish actor who hails from a long line of theater performers. The actor is most recognized for his roles in The Wild Ones and Merl, as well as Argentina's Tierra de Amor y Venganza, a 2012 Spanish film that premiered at the Malaga Film Festival and got many Goya Award nominations.

The actor also starred in the television shows Merli and Argentina, Tierra de Amor y Venganza, in which he played Bruno Salvat for 205 episodes.

Lola Rodríguez as Maika

Mayka is played by Lola Rodriguez in Welcome to Eden. Maika is a strong and confident member of the Eden Foundation's security staff. She is extremely devoted to Astrid.

Lola Rodriguez (@lolarodriguez) is a model and LGBT rights activist from Spain. The TV shows Veneno and Carnival of Las Palmas are two TV shows in which the young actress has appeared. In an interview, Rodriguez acknowledged having reservations about pursuing a profession in acting.

With the fantasy La Vida es Bella, sponsored by the Island Council, the actor became the first transgender minor contender for Queen of the Carnival of Las Palmas in 2015.

Amaia Salamanca as Astrid

In Welcome to Eden, Amaia Salamanca portrays Astrid. Astrid co-founded the Eden Foundation with her husband, Erik, and she was the one who invited the influencers to the island bash.

Amaia Salamanca (@amaiasalamanca) is a Spanish actress who is most known for her roles as Catalina Marcos in the Spanish adaptation of the Colombian television series Sin tetas no hay parasol and as Alicia Alarcón in the series Gran Hotel. In the film Gran Hotel, she played Alicia Alarcon. The actress has also appeared in the stage show The Marquise of O.

Ana Mena as Judit

In Welcome to Eden, Ana Mena plays Judit. Judit is Zoa's loyal closest friend who, despite not being invited, joins her at the Eden Foundation's island party.

Ana Mena is a singer and actress from Spain. In 2012, she won Disney's musical reality show My Camp Rock 2, and she also had a recurring part on Vive Cantando. My Camp Rock, Tu Cara me Suena, and Vive Cantando are among the singer's on-screen projects.

Berta Vázquez as Claudia

Claudia is played by Berta Vazquez in Welcome to Eden. Claudia lives in Eden and has done so for a long time.

Berta Vazquez (@bertavazquez) is a Ukrainian and Spanish model, singer, and actress. Palm Trees in the Snow was the actress's first film. Cleo Brian, Mila Russo, and, most recently, Berta Vázquez have all been stage names used by the actress throughout her career.

Belinda plays África

África is played by Belinda Peregrin Schull, better known by her stage name Belinda. Africa is an aspirational social media influencer who performs at the Eden Foundation's celebration.

Belinda Peregrinis a Spanish-Mexican actress and singer who began her career as a young actor in the Mexican children's television series Amigos x Siempre. The vocalist has also released studio albums, including Belinda, which is her name.

Welcome to Eden, premiered on May 6, 2022. The series has been loved by millions of people. Other cast member of the show includes: Guillermo Pfening as Erik, Dariam Coco as Eva, Begoña Vargas as Bel, Tomy Aguilera as Charly, Alex Pastrana as Ulises , Diego Garisa as Ibón , Jason Fernández as David , Óscar Foronda as Ernesto, and Josean Bengoetxea as Pete.

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