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Welcome to Eden on Netflix: What Is Blue Eden? Which Cast Members Were Involved With It?

May 12, 2022 @ 8:32 EDT
Welcome to Eden on Netflix: What Is Blue Eden? Which Cast Members Were Involved With It?

'Blue Eden Netflix cast' is currently trending on the internet. Many viewers wonder what Blue Eden is in Netflix's Welcome to Eden. Well, it's a drink that hallucinates the contenders in the show. Similarly, people are seeking about the cast members involved with the drink. Here is everything we know about Blue Eden and the cast members involved with it.

Welcome to Eden is a Netflix original series about a woman named Zoa who has her life turned upside down after she receives an odd message from someone named Eden. She is persuaded to travel to a beautiful island for an immersive experience, but she quickly finds herself trapped in a terrifying cult with no way out.

Zoa and the other newcomers spend the entire day partying after arriving on the distant island. Guests are handed wristbands with lights that only shine on specific people. These individuals then drink Blue Eden, which appears to contain a hallucinogenic. When Zoa wakes up the next morning, she discovers that she and four other newcomers are the only ones left on the island.

Many viewers of the show were really confused about what Blue Eden really was. Similarly, some were even wondering about the cast involved with the hallucinogenic drink. Well, let's the answers without any delay.

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What Is Blue Eden in Netflix’s Welcome to Eden? Meet Cast Members Involved With This Hallucinogenic Drink!

In the first episode of Welcome to Eden, a hologram of Astrid, played by Amaia Salamanca, appears on the water. Some of them now have an illuminated bracelet, as Astrid hand-picked a select number. They can drink from special Blue Eden bottles. However, there's no information on what's inside.

So, what exactly is the point of this gathering and the Blue Eden? It appears that Astrid wants to keep five of the 100 partygoers on the island. Zoa, Ibon, Aldo, Charly, and Africa are their names. They all need a family, and Astrid feels they can join theirs because they're the easiest to influence.

Zoa, Ibon, Aldo, Charly, and Africa are played by Amaia Aberasturi, Diego Garisa, Albert Baró, Tomy Aguilera, and Belinda respectively who are also very important cast members of the show.

Later, while Astrid is speaking with Africa and escorting her away from the party (which Aldo is watching), Bel communicates with Zoa. Nico assures Zoa she doesn't have to drink Blue Eden when she arrives with a bottle but she does.

Similarly, Gabi meets with David in San Sebastian. He tells her everything, including how Eden was an immersive experience in which they drank and partied nonstop. He goes on to say that his invitation to Eden has expired, and he mentions the Blue Eden drink.

A promotional video for Blue Eden opens Episode 7 of Welcome to Eden. We still don't know what's in this drink, but the new recruits are encouraged to walk across hot coals after downing the gorgeous blue tonic.

The rest of Eden looks on from afar as each of the teenagers follows. Their mission is to hang a necklace that each of the cultists is wearing. Africa is the last to cross the coals, but she is knocked to her knees and burns. Erick rushes in and extinguishes the flames as they lick hungrily up her legs.

Bel and Zoa discuss the cult and what's actually going on back on the island. They get hallucinations due to the Blue Eden (which we all guessed from episode 1 anyway). Children are also not permitted on the island, and everyone who does not suit their ideal family is discarded and replaced with new candidates.

Later, Bel and Zoa kiss. The former is curious as to whose side Zoa is on and whether she is truly seeking to escape. Zoa is unconcerned that the cultists would attempt to kill her, and she encourages Bel to join her in this daring escape. Bel smiles but refuses to join.

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