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Asian Guy From Love Is Blind Season 3: Find Andrew Liu on Instagram; Reddit Update!

Oct 21, 2022 @ 6:08 EDT
Asian Guy From Love Is Blind Season 3: Find Andrew Liu on Instagram; Reddit Update!

Andrew Liu aka the Asian guy, one of the cast members of Netflix's Love Is Blind Season 3, is a Director of Operations as well as a wildlife photographer. In the show, he tries to make a connection with Nancy Rodriguez and proposes to her. However, she rejects the proposal and chooses Bartise Bowden. Similarly, Reddit users are furious after he was spotted using eye drops to produce fake tears after the rejection. Follow to know more about the Asian guy in detail and find him on Instagram (@a.curious.ape).

Love Is Blind, a well-known dating show on Netflix, has so far only given rise to two committed relationships: that of Matt Barnett and Amber Pike, and Cameron and Lauren Hamilton from season 1. Nevertheless, the reality show is back for a third season with new singles looking for love.

As usual, men and women are divided into pods so they can date a number of people without ever seeing their faces. The objective of the game is to become engaged with a person purely on the basis of the emotional bond created throughout these blind dates. Some of the fortunate couples are whisked away on vacation with hosts Nick and Vanessa Lachey after becoming engaged, forcing them to determine whether their relationship will last in reality.

One of the cast members who has gathered the attention of many viewers in a very short period of time is the Asian guy, Andrew Liu. Known for his fake tears, he might be the most trending person of the latest season so far. Similarly, many Reddit users have been curious to know more about him. Well, we've got you covered.

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Meet the Asian Guy, Andrew Liu, From Love Is Blind Season 3: The Wildlife Photographer Is Currently in Controversy After Using Eye Drops for His Fake Tears; Find Him on Instagram; Reddit Update!

Andrew Liu (@a.curious.ape), the Asian guy, works as a Director of Operations for a business called Aifleet, according to his LinkedIn profile. He does, however, add that he also claims to be a wildlife photographer, which is one of the reasons he went to Kenya.

He reportedly contributed two photographs to the Prints of Wildlife campaign, which helped the campaign raise $18,000 toward its $1,000,000 target. If you want to take a look at his images, you can find a number of them on his Instagram. His images have been nominated for several honors, including the Fine Art Photography Awards 2020, the Greatest Maasai Mara Photographer of the Year, and Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2021.

Previously, he attended the Texas McCombs School of Business and was a member of the Delta Sigma Pi Skilled Fraternity. His next stop was the University of Texas' Cockrell Faculty of Engineering, where he was a part of both the Longhorn Rocket Affiliation and the Engineering Honors Program. The Love is Blind strong member's obsession with success being correlated with riches and prestige throughout his university years led him to pursue a second degree.

The Asian guy's biggest pet peeve, according to the Netflix series, is dating someone who is driven by others to solve their issues. It went on to say that his ongoing disputes are the secret to his success and that he needs a relationship similar to that of his friends, Rey and Crystal.

It's hilarious how Andrew's discussions of sexual kung fu completely astound Nancy Rodriguez. Something she enjoys, even more, is his sexy voice. Andrew claims that men evidently practice a true form of sexual kung fu. It has its roots in Taoist traditions and is essentially a way for men to have s*x without ejaculating in order to experience a more intense and enjoyable orgasm in the end.

Andrew and Nancy made an effort to strike up a conversation right away and got along beautifully. Andrew felt certain that he could persuade Nancy to choose him over Bartise Bowden, even if she was divided between the two. Unfortunately, she abandons Andrew to pursue a relationship with Bartise. As he sat down to address the camera, Andrew admitted that he was disappointed by the rejection.

Although the contestants and their love partners are the main focus of the show, the Asian guy opened out about his relationship with Nancy in one scene. However, he was spotted pouring eye drops into his eye while being filmed and asking the production team if it was safe to continue. Producers confirmed in their response: “If your eyes are hurting you, by all means.” Even though his eyes could have been scratchy, the producers decided to leave those gags in.

The trailer for the upcoming episode, however, depicts Nancy talking to Andrew about her issues following some disagreement between her and Bartise, her fiance. In order to comfort her, he calls her "beautiful." So, will Nancy be returned to Bartie or will Andrew be able to get her?  We'll learn more about the drama upon the release of the upcoming episodes.

Additionally, Love is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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