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Arturas Cerkauskas from Young Wallander: The Netflix Tribute Card Explained!

Feb 21, 2022 @ 10:51 EST
Arturas Cerkauskas from Young Wallander: The Netflix Tribute Card Explained!

Young Wallander Season 2 gives a tribute to Arturas Cerkauskas after his death in early 2022. Arturas was one of the crew members in Season 1 of Young Wallander. Netflix viewers now wonder about his obituary. Also, have a glimpse at the cast and plot summary of Season 2 of Young Wallander which premiered on 17 February 2022, exclusively on Netflix.

Young Wallander is a criminal drama web series based on the fictitious Inspector Kurt Wallander created by Henning Mankell. Netflix released the series on September 3, 2020.

The pre-imagining (i.e, Young Wallander being situated in the present day) made more sense than a direct prequel, according to Plsson, since it allowed for the societal critique that is a key aspect of Mankell's original Wallander. A lot of reviewers have criticized the decision to put the series in the present day.

The series was renewed for a second season in November 2020, and it was released on Netflix on February 17, 2022, under the title Young Wallander Killer's Shadow.

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Young Wallander Season 2 Tributes Arturas Cerkauskas After His Sudden Death in Early 2022

Arturas Cerkauskas passed away at the age of 36 in early 2022. Cerkauskas was no stranger to the film business, despite the fact that he was never in the spotlight. He was a set decorator for various productions and worked in the art department.

During the first season, Cerkauskas worked on Young Wallander and was in charge of the stand-by props. As a result, he verified that all qualities were consistent onset.

The first episode of Young Wallander Season 2 concludes with a tribute to Arturas Cerkauskas. He was born in 1985 and died at the young age of 36 in early 2022. Cerkauskas worked on a variety of projects in addition to Young Wallander.

He was also a cast member of Stranger Things during the latest recording sessions in Lithuania. Cerkauskas also worked on the set of The Last Czars, War & Peace, and Sorjonen, among other well-known shows.

To the best of our knowledge, no cause of death or circumstances surrounding Arturas' death has been published as of the time of this publishing. The public will be informed whenever the family provides details about the death.

We hope that God gives those who are grieving this loss the strength and bravery they need. There is no more awful emotion than losing someone close to you. We express our condolences and prayers to the entire family in light of this tragic event.

Season 2 of Young Wallander's Cast And Synopsis

Adam Pålsson as Young Wallander and Leanne as Frida Rask are the main cast of Season 2 of Young Wallander. Meanwhile, Elise Chappell (Poldark), Yasen Atour (The Witcher), Tomiwa Edun (Merlin), and Lisa Hammond (Eastenders) are among others who joined them. Here's the plot summary of the series.

The absence of any tire marks and the unavailability of the victim's ID was the only red flags in the case in Young Wallander Season 2. The victim's face was severely damaged. Kurt began asking around for information on the victim, and it was at this point that he met Katja Nilsson, a young waitress.

Kurt's attempt to question Katja resulted in her leaving. But she ultimately told him about the events from the previous night.

Katja met the victim, Anton, who had borrowed a cigarette from her that night. The two decided to go out for a drink and walked down a short alley to a bar. When a fast-approaching car collided with Anton as he pulled Katja to the side and saved her life, he was killed.

She couldn't see the killer since it was dark, but she remembered the car he was driving. It was a dark-colored, vintage car. The IT team was successful in retrieving the victim's phone and obtaining a few key pieces of information. Anton Nyberg was the victim's name. He was unmarried and lived on welfare.

They gave Kurt the victim's address, and when he arrived, he saw a man who was also looking for Anton. When the guy realized Kurt was a police officer, he escaped. When the Ministry revealed Anton's true identity, the matter became even more difficult.

Anton was using a fake identity; his true name was Elias Fager. This caught the police force by surprise, particularly Rask. The Fager-Brother Case was her first significant criminal case.

Elias and Soren Moberg, two brothers, were found guilty of the murder of their instructor, Jorgen Moberg. They beat him physically and then trapped his damaged corpse inside a boiling hot sauna, where he died.

Boys as young as 14 and 16 years old thought such brutality was unthinkable. Because of their cold demeanor, they were labeled as pure evil. Elias confessed to his brother's murder and testified against him. But now the issue is: who may have wanted Elias dead?

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