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Alisha Wainwright's Husband & Kids: The Raising Dion Star is Not Married to Justin Timberlake!

Feb 8, 2022 @ 6:28 EST
Alisha Wainwright's Husband & Kids: The Raising Dion Star is Not Married to Justin Timberlake!

Alisha Wainwright is currently single in 2022 and does not have a partner. Back in 2019, however, Alisha was linked with a husband, albeit it was not her own when she was speculated to be involved in an affair with a married Justin Timberlake. The rumors surfaced after pictures of Alisha Wainwright getting too comfortable with her man in a bar at midnight emerged on the internet. Meanwhile, many fans wonder about Alisha's kids and her husband's name while some mistake her for Justin Timberlake's wife. In Raising Dion Season 2, the lead cast Alisha Wainwright does have a husband (Michael B. Jordan) with whom she shares a son named Dion.

Alisha Wainwright, the star of Raising Dion on Netflix, first came into prominence when she was cast to play werewolf Maia Roberts on Freeform's fantasy series Shadowhunters in September 2016.

Prior to that, the American actress guest-starred in several television and film productions like Criminal Minds and Lethal Weapons after appearing in a web comedy sketch on the YouTube channel Smosh in 2012.

Ever since she took up portraying a widowed mother Nicole Warren in Raising Dion, her popularity has soared. And since then, she has gained a lot of fans who want to know who her boyfriend or husband is.

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Does Alisha Wainwright Have a Husband?

The second installment of Raising Dion hit Netflix recently on February 1, 2022. Since the eight-episode series was made available for streaming on Netflix, the actors of the show are thrust into the limelight especially the star, the lead of Raising Dion Alisha Wainwright (@alishawainwright).

And the combination of Alisha Wainwright being a part of the glamor industry and her being a beautiful young woman only resulted in generating curiosity from the audiences about her relationship status. After all, relationship status is the next thing you ask of a person once you have got their name.

To all the fans wondering about if she's dating or if she's single or if it's complicated, maybe you will be happy to know that currently, Alisha is very much single. She is not dating anyone right now. She does not have a husband, however, was once involved with someone else's husband.

Alisha Wainwright was rumored to have affairs with the married Justin Timberlake in 2019. The pair made headlines when they were spotted together getting a little too comfortable with each other. The actress and the musician got acquainted with each other after both of them were cast to star in Palmer.

And if rumors that took off on the basis of body language and the level of comfort the duo exuded when they were with each other are to be believed, during the course of filming the movie, they became much more than friends.

The shooting for Palmer was carried out in New Orleans starting from November 9, 2019. It was November 23 when Alisha Wainwright and Justin Timberlake were spotted in a bar in New Orleans while on a break from filming.

The pair were snapped at midnight enjoying more than a few drinks and chatting animatedly. They got a little hands-on as well. Alisha was photographed placing her hands on Justin's knees.

Touching someone's knees is an intimate gesture, right? Because Justin might have felt so too because then he took her hands probably to get it off his knees but wait, no, he took her hands and kept holding it and rested it on his knees.

Quite an intimate time for the duo! Her hands in his! His hands where there was a noticeable absence of his wedding ring. For a married man to be doing that, we can't tell what was going on in his mind, but what was definitely not on his mind was respect and consideration to his wife of seven years Jessica Biel and their four-year-old son Silas.

Alisha Wainwright is Not Married to Justin Timberlake!

After their pictures found their way on the internet and people began talking of their new friendship, there was obvious damage control. A very reliable source told People the details of the night as it actually was. According to the source, they were all hanging out as costars with other casts of the movie, and the video might look a certain way, but that was literally nothing.

So, basically, the brief the PR team got was to spin the narrative with 'It's not what it looks like.' So, they are choosing to further hand-holding and knee-touching as nothing. Do they really think they can fool the public with that story?

It would have been more believable if they said that they were method acting, which is equally ridiculous if not more, than that nothing narrative. Alisha Wainwright's team also issued a statement discrediting the validity of the speculation.

Participation trophy to the PR team because they certainly did not win over those assumptions. But, nice try anyway because there was nothing they could have done as the damage was uncontrollable.

After failed attempts at PR crisis, Justin Timberlake decided to come clean to the public by addressing his wife in an apology post on Instagram.

This time, he ditched the previous story of nothing happening and admitted that it was a mistake that was due to the strong lapse in his judgment. But Alisha Wainwright didn't clarify anymore.

Meanwhile, Alisha Wainwright does not have a son or kids in real life, unlike the Netflix show.

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