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Is Alexa Alfia From Love Is Blind Season 3 Still Together With Brennon Lemieux?

Oct 20, 2022 @ 7:35 EDT
Alexa Alfia From Love Is Blind Season 3: Instagram, Job, Birthday, Reddit, Age & Height; Is She Still Together With Brennon Lemieux?

Alexa Alfia, one of the cast members of Netflix's Love is Blind Season 3, was born in 1995. Standing at the height of 5' 7'', the 27-year-old star celebrates her birthday on September 28 every year. Talking about her job, she owns an insurance company named Allstate Insurance Agency where is also works as an agent. Similarly, some Reddit users believe she is still together with Brennon Lemieux. Follow to know more about Alexa with her Instagram handle (@alexaalfia).

Love is Blind on Netflix is a reality dating series that defies all expectations by emphasizing emotional connections above initial compatibility and breaking every rule in the book. After all, the fundamental elements of every relationship here are intentions, vulnerability, and pure romance—not flimsy things like physical attractiveness or sexual attraction.

The idea of love is put to the test in many ways on this reality show. Through specially designed pods, the cast members are given the opportunity to get to know a number of possible partners each season. The pods enable verbal communication between participants who are unable to see one another's faces. The engaged pair may finally see who they will marry and start planning their wedding when a marriage proposal is extended and accepted.

Similarly, Season 3 of the dating show has just arrived on the streaming platform. The new season enables the viewer to see how numerous young people take advantage of the opportunity. Alexa Alfia was one of the show's most notable faces in this iteration. Hence, she has grabbed the attention of many viewers, especially Reddit users, who want to know more about her. Well, we've got you covered.

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Alexa Alfia From Love Is Blind Season 3: There’s a High Chance That She and Brennon Lemieux Got Married; Instagram, Job, Birthday, Reddit, Age & Height!

Alexa Alfia (@alexaalfia), who was born on September 28, 1995, to an Israeli-Jewish family, was raised in and around Dallas, Texas. The 27-year-old's older sister, two younger brothers, a step-sibling, and a younger sister named Emma are among her six siblings, all of whom she loves. The Love is Blind cast's parents divorced when she was still quite little. She appears to get along well with her father, Adam, who is currently married to his partner, Morgan.

The 5' 7'' beauty enrolled at Tel Aviv University in 2013 and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Communication and Media Studies in 2016. She is such a culinary fanatic and lives in a lovely apartment in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Although Alexa is not very religious, she and her family take pleasure in their Israeli culture. The reality TV star is close to her friends and family.

In August 2017, Alexa acquired ownership of her mother's business, Allstate Insurance Agency, upon her graduation from college. The reality TV star works for her company as both the owner and an agent. She enjoys using her position as a third-generation agent in her family to assist others.

American Economy Insurance Company, Economy Preferred Insurance Company, Farmers Insurance Exchange, Fire Insurance Exchange, etc. are just a few of Alexa's clients. She believes she understands what people of the Dallas-Fort Worth area require from their insurance plans because of her close ties to the region. Furthermore, she also enjoys volunteering and believes that her field of work is beneficial to society as a whole.

In the Netflix series, it was clear that Alexa and Brennon Lemieux were really thrilled with the way their first meeting went, in which they largely embraced one another to communicate their intense emotions. It, therefore, came as no surprise that they were able to easily improve their pod experience over the first few days of their Malibu vacation through effective communication on romantic dates. Yes, there were a few (understandable) pauses this time, but overall they shared the same sense of humor, personalities, and emotional and physical desires.

In other words, it didn't seem like there were any problems between Alexa and Brennon in any way, shape, or form. If they can keep it up, we can't imagine either of them saying "I don't" at the altar. Families, religious differences, or even the idea of things getting out of control too rapidly may be the tipping point for either, but given how understanding they have been of one another up to this point, we don't really see it occurring.

However, if issues do occur, all the pair would have to do is recall the initial cause of their love and acknowledge that it was just as real as anything else, and they might just be able to handle it. The fact that Alexa and Brennon do not now have any social media followers is concerning, but they have undoubtedly been hiding their left hand since production wrapped up in the summer of 2021. Therefore, there is a very strong likelihood that they got married.

Additionally, Love is Blind is currently streaming on Netflix.

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