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Dr. Xyler from Space Force Season 2: Meet Netflix Actor JayR Tinaco!

Feb 22, 2022 @ 17:09 EST
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Dr. Xyler from Space Force Season 2: Meet Netflix Actor JayR Tinaco!

Xyler or Dr. Xyler is one of the characters from Space Force Season 2. The Australian actor/cast, JayR Tinaco has been portraying this Netflix role, and now, myriads of people know him as Xyler.

Releasing seven episodes on 18th February 2022, the new American television comedy streaming, Space Force is back with Season 2 on Netflix after making the audience wait for two long years.

However, the wait seems to be worth it, and teeming everyone's anticipation, Space Force will lucidly make it to being one of the best hits.

Basically, this American television series is a workplace comedy-drama series that focuses on a group of people assigned with establishing the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces and the United States Space Force.

In the show, we get to see many cast members (including Gus Kelly aka Mel Tuck), and among all, let's get to know more about Tyler.

Xyler From Space Force: Who is Portraying This Role?

A total of seven episodes were released on 18th February 2022, and Space Force Season 2 has attracted myriads of binge-watchers into watching the show. With the increase in popularity of the show, lucidly, the show is teeming with many views, and bringing a hefty profit to the production team.

Typically, this American television series is a comedy streaming where the cast members are assigned to forming the sixth branch of the United States Armed Forces.

It is discernible that the series schleps many cast members, but do you know Xyler? Xyler is one of the characters in Space Force, and this role has been played by the eminent Australian actor, JayR Tinaco.

By portraying himself as Xyler in Space Force, JayR added lucrative to his professional career, and thus, is teeming with extreme prominence. So, are you excited to know about Xyler or let's say, JayRd Tinaco?

Although Tinaco was born in the Philippines, he grew up in Sydney, Australia, and therefore, has spent most of his years in Australia itself. Even when it came to his career, JayR, who is popular as Dr. Xyler, started working in the hospitality sector in Sydney.

The year 2009 acted as a positive catalyst and brought a drastic change in his life when he won his first television role performing a trapped student in two episodes of the Australian series Home and Away.

Winning this show not only filled Xyler with bliss but also was a benediction to his acting career, and thus opened many doors of opportunities.

In the years between 2012 and 2015, JayR Tinaco made his presence in short films, and in 2017, he eventually decided to pursue his acting carer, and with the hope of taking it high, he moved to Canada.

Today, he is one of the finest actors, and although we didn't see him, with the role of Xyler in the first season of Space Force, his cast in the second season of the series has played a significant role in adding more to his career.

Does Xyler Actor JayR Tinaco Have a Girlfriend/Boyfriend?

The 33-year-old Australian actor, JayR Tinaco who is popular with his role, Xyler, identifies himself as non-binary. Coming out of the closet might have been too daunting for him but, he is happy with his identity, and proudly claims to be a part of the LGBTQI community.

He uses he/him to identify himself but he said, "I still identify with the pronouns He/His/Him in my personal life, but I have friends that call me 'They' or even 'she' and I’m okay with that."

Talking about his relationship status, it seems that he is more focused on building his career, and doesn't have time for love and relationship.

Stalking his Instagram, it can be deduced that Xyler isn't involved in any kind of relationship. Also, most of his Instagram posts are his own photo with fine makeup on.

Thus, he is into makeup, and his photos substantiate that he is good at it too.

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