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Why Doesn't Tyler Henry Drive? Real Reason Revealed!

Mar 20, 2022 @ 7:59 EDT
Why Doesn't Tyler Henry Drive? Real Reason Revealed!

Several questions might have aroused in the viewers’ minds after watching Netflix's Life After Death with Tyler Henry. One of the questions that arise in the viewer's mind is why he does not drive. Tyler Henry doesn't drive as he suffered a brain cyst and ministroke when he was 18. Let's learn it in detail.

Tyler Henry is used to being in the spotlight. Tyler Henry's debut show, Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry, premiered on E! when he was just 20 years old, and since then, he's published a memoir and done live concerts for thousands of people around the country.

However, in his new Netflix docuseries, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, Henry discloses the mental, emotional, and even bodily toll that being a medium has on him.

Life After Death with Tyler Henry gives viewers an inside glimpse at what it's like to live a normal life connected to another spiritual dimension – the good, the bad, and even the frightening.

His mother, on the other hand, is seen driving him to various locations. Is it a personal decision, or is there something more serious at play?

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Why Doesn't Tyler Henry Drive?

Tyler Henry is shown being driven to different readings by his mother, Theresa, or his assistant in the Netflix series. He's never the one in charge of the vehicle. Viewers have naturally speculated as to why Tyler does not drive.

Tyler Henry (@tylerhenrymedium) is a 26-year-old medium who does not drive. Henry's mother is seen driving him to his clients as Henry apparently decided not to drive after a brain cyst and a ministroke when he was 18 years old.

At the moment, his mother Theresa is content to act as a chauffeur. Tyler sits in the front passenger seat and likes the ride. According to the man himself, it has been 8 years since he has driven a car.

Tyler has chosen not to drive since the incident. As per TV Insider, in an interview with Celebrity Medium, Tyler said,

Trust me, I don’t mind being chauffeured through the crazy L.A. traffic. I plan to milk this for as long as I can.

Henry informs that he's has learned to live with the psychic impressions, despite the fact that he'll never be able to completely turn them off. He goes on to say that part of his act involves adjusting his abilities as needed. Henry describes modulating them as if he were turning a volume dial; for example, scribbling helps him in connecting with the dead ones.

However, Henry's gift has the potential to have far more devastating consequences. Henry believes his ability has worn him down over time, despite the fact that he's had health concerns since being born three months early. He also claims to have known that he would need emergency surgery due to a brain cyst ahead of time.

Is Life After Death With Tyler Henry Scripted?

On Netflix's Life After Death with Tyler Henry, Tyler Henry displayed his skills to provide him with information that he couldn't find via Google or Ancestry.

By revealing life events and backgrounds, he almost convinced us to disregard science and think that he truly does communicate the deceased from whatever dimension they've passed on to.

Nonetheless, because he was sometimes too precise in his personal and professional statements, it was almost as if he had pulled up a file on their lives and was simply reading through it.

Tyler's desire to learn more about his own family's history is so personal, emotional, and complicated that it's impossible to believe it's true.

Of course, post-production editing plays a part in how dramatic things appear on our screens, but the simple reality is that Life After Death with Tyler Henry appears to be what it claims to be.

Though, no matter how fascinating the production is to behold, we recommend approaching it with a fair amount of doubt.

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