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Why Does Tyler Henry Scribble? Medium's Dead Communication Explained!

Mar 16, 2022 @ 11:22 EDT
Why Does Tyler Henry Scribble? Medium's Dead Communication Explained!

Tyler Henry uses his scribble technique to communicate with the dead ones. Life After Death fans are curious to know what actually is scribbling and how it works. Many Netflix viewers also wonder why does Tyler Henry sweat. The Hollywood medium says the stronger the reading, the more he sweats.

Tyler Henry is one of the most well-known mediums in the world, with a waiting list of over 300,000 individuals. This gentleman from the United States has read for celebrities such as Boy George, Oprah, La Toya Jackson, and many others.

These readings may be seen on Tyler Henry's popular show Hollywood Medium, which is definitely worth seeing.

Henry's new Netflix series, Life After Death with Tyler Henry, is more than just a reading series for him. When it comes to Tyler's personal and family life, we learn more about him. Tyler Henry's powers, where he grew up, where he first began his readings, his tour, his partner, his net worth, and, most importantly, his relationship with his mother (and father) and their search into their family history are all explored in this series.

One of the factors fans have been curious to know more about is how he pictures the outcome. Let's find out why he scribbles right below.

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Why Does Tyler Henry Scribble?

It’s a whole different story when Tyler Henry (@tylerhenrymedium) gets to a reading. Tyler scribbles to concentrate on the process of communicating with the dead ones. He begins scribbling in a notepad to concentrate, a meditative process he claims turns his talent on and off.

When he was a teenager, he discovered the trick while sketching on the phone with a friend. But it is the repetition, not the artwork, that helps him to concentrate.

As an example, Tyler Henry offers the Catholic tradition of counting the repetitions of prayers with rosary beads. To put it simply, he claims that his sixth sense communicates through the other five senses.

As a result, Henry claims that during a reading, he receives visuals, sounds, feelings, and even tastes and scents from deceased loved ones attempting to communicate from beyond.

An impression might sometimes emerge as a physical experience that matches the manner in which a loved one died. Other times, according to Tyler Henry, it's a mental image that feels like a memory that belongs to him but is truly someone else's. Then it's up to him to translate these feelings into a reading that makes sense to the client.

Each reading contributes to Henry's symbolic word bank, a collection of data points that he can refer to in future sessions. He claims that if he sits with a client whose father's name is George, he will frequently encounter another client whose father's name is also George.

Then he realizes that the messages he delivered in his earlier reading are most likely relevant to the current client.

Clients sometimes bring in an object belonging to somebody they want to communicate with a method known as psychometry to strengthen Tyler Henry's connection with the afterlife. Though an object often assists in the development of a bond between Henry and the departed, even he is unsure how it all works.

What Happens After Henry Finishes Scribbling?

There's just no way to determine when reading is finished. Tyler Henry claims that he and the customer both sense it. He compared it to sneezing three times in a row; you know it's finished after the third sneeze.

However, Henry claims that spirits interact with him after readings through meaningful coincidences. In Episode 8, for example, Henry finishes a session with a woman whose mother used to volunteer at the Taoist Temple Museum in Hanford, California, where he grew up.

Tyler Henry warns her to keep away from fire during the reading. An arsonist set fire to the museum less than 24 hours later. Henry says,

That structure had been there for a century and never burned out, and right when I left, it did. It’s all kind of synchronistic in its timing.

Even after thousands of readings, Henry claims that he remembers every one of them on some level. According to him, he sometimes lays his head on the pillow at night thinking about clients he had six years ago and feels like he really does hear people's stories and carry them all with him.

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