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Why Does Eddie Munson Have a Handkerchief: Eddie’s (Joseph Quinn) Black Handkerchief in His Back Pocket Theory Explored!

Jul 21, 2022 @ 6:06 EDT
Why Does Eddie Munson Have a Handkerchief: Eddie’s (Joseph Quinn) Black Handkerchief in His Back Pocket Theory Explored!

Why does Eddie Munson have a handkerchief? Many viewers wonder about Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn), regarding his black handkerchief in his back pocket. Well, the actual truth is yet to be revealed, but as per sources, the hanky code is perceived by enthusiasts as a technique for homosexual men and BDSM fetishists of the 1960s and '70s to surreptitiously signal their sexual preferences. Go through the article to learn more about Eddie Munson's black handkerchief!

The most recent season of Stranger Things on Netflix was excellent in every aspect. The new characters that were introduced, as well as every other facet of the season, were amazing.

One of the few new faces in Stranger Things season 4 is Eddie Munson, who has quickly gained popularity among viewers. His generosity and decent temperament have shown why he is a worthy ally for the Hawkins gang against Vecna, despite his frightening demeanor when he is first introduced.

Eddie is the last person to see Chrissy Cunningham alive before she dies, so it makes sense why he becomes a wanted man. Of course, nobody outside the core group is aware of the horrors that lurk beneath Hawkins. Jason, Chrissy's boyfriend, is in charge of the search for Eddie the Freak, who he blames for the town's fatalities because of his involvement with Dungeons & Dragons.

Eddie consistently carries a black bandana in his back pocket throughout Stranger Things season 4. However, some viewers are perplexed and ask, Why does Eddie Munson have a handkerchief? So, let's discover the truth.

Why Does Eddie Munson Have a Handkerchief: The Actual Truth Is Yet to Be Revealed, but the Hanky Code Is Perceived by Enthusiasts for Homosexual Men to Signal Their Sexual Preferences!

Eddie Munson, played by Joseph Quinn (@josephquinn), quickly became our favorite and most devastating of the new characters. Due to the widespread belief that he killed Chrissy in the fourth season of Stranger Things, he had a difficult beginning. But as the story progressed and the audience discovered more about Eddie, they couldn't help but fall in love with him.

Eddie, the head of the Hellfire Club, is an idealistic metalhead from the 1980s. Since Chrissy Cunningham, a high school sweetheart was killed by Vecna, the people of Hawkins hold Eddie Munson (Joseph Quinn) accountable. With the assistance of Dustin, Steve, and the others, Eddie can remain unnoticed until he formally joins the group in their investigation of Vecna.

From the opening scene, Eddie stands out as being unlike any other character in Stranger Things season 4. With his leather jacket and a thick jean jacket with chopped sleeves, the Hellfire Club commander, who is a little older than his classmates, is sporting the heavy metal rocker look of the 1980s. On the jacket is a sizable patch that depicts the metal group, Dio.

Eddie's attire in Stranger Things is a clear indication of his love of rock and roll. Rock enthusiasts in the 1980s looked similar to Eddie and donned skull rings, jewelry, and leather jackets. Munson might be queer if they wear a style from the 1970s or 1980s. Observant viewers have noted that Eddie frequently wears a black and white bandana, which may be a nod to the 1980s hanky-panky fashion.

Additionally, Eddie's black bandana or handkerchief, which may fit into the rocker image that Eddie is attempting to project, protrudes from his pocket. Other hypotheses, however, link Eddie's handkerchief to the character's sexual orientation. The actual truth is yet to be revealed, but the hanky code is perceived by enthusiasts for homosexual men to signal their sexual preferences.

As noted, carrying handkerchiefs and bandanas in one's back pocket is connected to an LGBTQ+ community tradition. The habit of using a handkerchief with a color-coded system to communicate one's sexual orientation or gender identity is known as the hanky code, which originated in the 1980s.

The black handkerchief in the back left pocket would denote S & M interests in this instance, but more crucially, the black handkerchief and preexisting code would denote Eddie's homosexual orientation in the show Stranger Things.

The series Stranger Things have not attempted to validate or refute the claims made by many speculations that Eddie might be gay. Stranger Things' ambiguous portrayal of LGBTQ+ characters has been a concern since it leaves room for audience interpretation rather than clear confirmation, as in the instance of Will Byers and how his actions impact Robin's story.

Even still, it will be intriguing to watch whether the show repeats its errors with Eddie or whether the black handkerchief was merely an error in wardrobe selection for the rocker appearance in season 4.

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