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Why Did Chema Go to Jail? Who Killed Sara Ending Explained!

May 19, 2022 @ 11:07 EDT
Why Did Chema Go to Jail? Who Killed Sara Ending Explained!

Season 3 of Netflix's 'Who Killed Sara?' starts with Chema being in jail. Chema and Lorenzo get involved in a fight with Moncho and he dies by accident. After Clara's death and his breakup with Lorenzo, Chema decides to surrender and confesses to killing Moncho. Additionally, Chema also admits to murdering Sara's father, Abel Martinez, who was found dead in Alex's backyard. Follow the article to know more about why Chema was sent to jail and what happens in the end.

'Who Killed Sara?' (original title: 'Quién mató a Sara?') returns for a third season on Netflix to wrap up the long-running titular mystery. The stakes have never been higher, and for a brief moment, Sara appears to be alive after all.  The vainglorious Lazcano family has been flipped on its head, and they are now broke and more split than ever. Then there's the mysterious Reinaldo (Jean Reno), a previously undisclosed component of the puzzle.

As Sara's death is linked to progressively alarming conspiracies, what begins as a relatively simple mystery becomes a convoluted exercise in plot twists. Things start to get violent after a while, as several key characters meet their untimely deaths.

Jose Ignacio Valenzuela developed and co-wrote the story of Alex Guzman, who was wrongfully convicted and is now out of prison after 18 years, hell-bent on finding his sister's killer. Season 3 adds to the story with more of the show's trademark explosive plot twists and introduces some intriguing characters, one of which is played by Jean Reno.

Season 3 begins with a rush of surprising incidents, one of which is the imprisonment of Jose Mara, also known as Chema. His character is radically transformed as a result of his prison experience. But why did Chema go to jail in the first place? Well, here is everything we know about Chema and why he was sent to jail.

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Who Killed Sara: Why Did Chema Go to Jail?

Chema actually is Jose Maria, and he is also one of the main characters of the Netflix show.  He was the second of Lazcano's three siblings. He was not straight in his sexuality, and his family would not accept him despite his efforts.

Chema's imprisonment comes from the events of season 2, in which he and his boyfriend, Lorenzo, were planning to start a family. They become unwitting pawns in Marifer's plot to avenge her mother. Chema is completely ignorant that the surrogate he and Lorenzo chose, Clara, a childhood friend, is actually working for Marifer.

Clara's aggressive ex-boyfriend Moncho, who believes Chema and Lorenzo have taken Clara from him, adds to the mix. When Moncho shows up at their house and threatens to kill them, a fight breaks out, and the mentally ill invader is killed. Chema and Lorenzo, on the other hand, choose to keep the murder hidden at first.

Lorenzo and Chema break up later in the series, and Clara is tragically killed. Chema, who has nothing left to live for, surrenders to the authorities and confesses to killing Moncho. He also confesses to killing Sara's father, Abel Martinez, whose body was discovered in Alex's backyard.

Because Alex is the leading suspect in Abel's murder and faces being sent back to prison, the Lazcano sibling steps forward and accepts responsibility for Abel's death. Chema has always had a soft spot for Alex, and he recognizes that turning himself in clears Alex of suspicion, allowing him to continue his investigation into Sara's murder.

As a result, Chema is imprisoned in Season 3 for the murder of Abel Martinez. The murder was justified since Moncho was a violent intruder. Chema is actually awaiting trial in prison when we first encounter him in season 3 because Abel's murder is considered a serious crime.

Who Killed Sara: How Does the Netflix Show End for Chema?

Chema had numerous challenges during the series, and in the end, he was sentenced to jail. Despite the fact that he had not committed any errors just for his veneration, he was imprisoned, and his love could not have cared less about him.

Chema is deeply affected by his time in prison. The Lazcano sibling begins to question his sexuality after being forced into intercourse by another prisoner. Chema's mental torment persists even after he is discharged, and he becomes persuaded that he was committed to the sinister Project Medusa in order to heal himself.

Cesar Lazcano finally admits to killing Abel Martinez after realizing how much pain he has caused his family. For those who don't recall, the Lazcano patriarch is the one who kills Abel in order to free Sara from her abusive father. Chema is freed from the probe now that the truth has been disclosed.

However, as he tells Elisa after his release, the experience has fundamentally affected him, and Chema's time in prison has practically transformed him into a new, more disturbed person.

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