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Who Killed Julieta in Dark Desire? Dario's Motives Explained!

Feb 10, 2022 @ 4:48 EST
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Who Killed Julieta in Dark Desire? Dario's Motives Explained!

Dark Desire Season 2 ended with a cliffhanger. Julieta, one of the characters is killed, and the audience is confused about how she died or who actually killed Julieta. Some fans wonder if Alma killed her while others wonder why Dario killed Julieta.

Netflix's one of the hits, Dark Desire Season 2 was released on 2nd February 2022, publishing all the 15 episodes on the very same day. This could be Netflix's strategy in alluring all the binge-watchers in watching the series in one sitting.

Typically, this Mexican thrilling series has the story revolving around a married woman, escaping her home during the weekends, creating a passion for her, however, a sudden baffle surrounds her upon thinking about people she has been close with.

Having several twists and turns, the Mexican series is teeming with extreme thrill and drama. However, the ending was a bit messy and created perplexity for all the spectators.

The death of Julieta has created controversy on how she was killed, and who actually killed her? So, could you figure out who killed Julieta at the end of Dark Desire Season 2?

Who Killed Julieta in Dark Desire Season 2?

With releasing 15 episodes of Netflix's most awaited Mexican thrilling series, Dark Desire Season 2 was officially publicized on 2nd February 2022. Making the spectators wait for exactly two years, the series up-trained everyone's patience, and it seems like covid adversely impacted the shooting resulting in the delay of its release.

While the series is being binged watched by myriads of people, it has been getting a lot of controversies. Mainly, the scandal is focusing on the end of the show, leaving everyone on the cliffhanger. More than any other part, the audience is concerned and curious about who actually killed Julieta in Dark Desire Season 2

Scrutinizing every small detail, and investigating the whole series, all the hints and evidence inclines upon Dario killing Julieta. If we look back on the series, it is discernible that Darios' adoptive aunt was infatuated with Julieta's fiance, Dario.

Upon divulging Dario's marriage with Julieta, the aunt couldn't curb her rage, as Dario was having a passionate affair with Alma, but at the very instant, he wanted to be with Julieta.

To aware Julieta of Dario's affair, the aunt sent a video, where Dario will be having sex with Alma. Enticing her to go roof-top, the aunt uses her way to cancel their wedding, and fills her ears to meet up with Dario, and make it clear.

Listening to the aunt's words,  Julieta meets up with Dario to throw her rage at him, he actually deserved that. However, that acted as a negative catalyst and brought a huge turning point to her life.

Rather than getting an apology from her fiance, she gets pushed down, and eventually, dies. Thus, it is discernible that Dario is the one who killed Julieta in Dark Desire Season 2.

Who Portrayed the Role of Julieta in Dark Desire Season 2?

Ariana Saavedra (@arianasaavedra) is the actress who played the role of Julieta in Dark Desire Season 2. Making her debut in the acting career in the year 2020, the same year itself, she starred in two different shows: Dark Desire and Control Z.

Later, in 2021, adding more to her career, Ariana was vested the beautiful opportunity to be cast in another series, Veintitontas.

As Ariana seems to have just stepped into the industry, not much is known about her. Maybe she is taking time to adapt herself to the industry, and sooner in the future, we might get to know her in detail.

Adding lucrative and bringing exposure to her professional field, her cast in Dark Desire Season 2 definitely acted as a positive catalyst, and maybe, with the end of the series, the door has been opened, bringing her tremendous opportunities.

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