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Who Is Sofia Carson Married To? Is Sofia Vergara’s Son, Manolo Gonzalez, Her Husband? Does the Purple Hearts Cast Have Any Kids? Who Is Cameron Boyce?

Aug 3, 2022 @ 3:17 EDT
Who Is Sofia Carson Married To? Is Sofia Vergara’s Son, Manolo Gonzalez, Her Husband? Does the Purple Hearts Cast Have Any Kids? Who Is Cameron Boyce?

Sofia Carson, one of the cast members of Netflix's Purple Hearts, has never been married to anyone. She was previously linked to Manolo Vergara (Sofia Vergara's son) and Cameron Boyce, however, the 29-year-old actress never accepted or denied the rumors. Therefore, she does not have a husband or any kids.

The theme of enemies-to-lovers is one of the most effective narrative tropes in the romance genre. The thing about these television shows and films is that the theme works incredibly well because the characters are believable and have enough in common to put aside their differences and fall in love. On the other hand, Netflix's new, Purple Hearts never quite achieves that.

Purple Hearts, which is based on Tess Wakefield's 2017 book of the same name, tells the story of Cassie (Sofia Carson), a musician, who marries Luke (Nicholas Galitzine), a troubled soldier, in order for both of them to benefit from the military privileges given to married couples. As they attempt to move in different directions, their paths diverge, offering them a single, difficult, yet efficient answer to their problems.

No doubt, both of the leading cast members have done an incredible job and have succeeded to impress the viewers. Fans currently seek their real relationship status, especially Sofia's. They wonder who she is married to. Well, we've got you covered.

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Sofia Carson Does Not Have a Husband as She Has Never Been Married to Anybody: The Purple Hearts Cast Was Rumored to Have Kids With Sofia Vergara’s Son, Manolo Gonzalez; Who Is Cameron Boyce?

Unfortunately, Sofia Carson has never been married to anybody. In fact, the 29-year-old actress is single as of 2022. Thus, the Purple Hearts cast does not have a husband or any kids. Despite the fact that she was previously linked with Sofia Vergara's son, Manolo Vergara and Cameron Boyce, Sofia never dated any of them.

Sofia Carson's personal dating life differs little from that of her character, but she rarely discusses it in public. That is not to suggest that she hasn't been the subject of dating rumors. Talking about her relationship status in an interview with Extra, she explained,

To me, it’s about my art and the music and the films that I put out into the world and not about my personal life.

She continued by saying that she still enjoys telling her fans about the intimate moments in her life that are particularly meaningful to her. But because it's not what she desires and involves more than that, she prefers to keep her private life secret.

That's not to say there haven't been dating rumors about Sofia Carson. According to J-14, the Descendants franchise star and Sofia Vergara's son, Manolo Gonzalez, were said to be dating back in 2016. With the caption 'about last night,' Sofia shared a picture of her and Manolo hugging on Instagram in 2016. Later, Manolo shared a video of himself performing squats while holding Sofia on Instagram in 2018.

However, Manolo and Sofia never publicly acknowledged or disputed their connection. Similarly, she was also linked to Cameron Boyce as she frequently posts his picture on her Instagram. Those who follow her Instagram already know why she posts his pictures, but for those who wonder if he is her boyfriend, Cameron Boyce has been dead for three years now.

Sofia and Cameron were co-stars in the Descendants franchise and they seem to be very close together. Sofia frequently posts his picture as a remembrance and tribute. So yeah, Cameron was never Sofia's boyfriend.

Since the 29-year-old actress is single as of 2022, it's obvious that she has never been married and does not have a husband or any kids. However, we can expect her to get married very soon as she is about to enter her 30s this year.

Furthermore, in an interview with Cosmopolitan in 2019, Sofia Carson stated that she does not want to date anyone from the entertainment industry. She explained,

I’ve never tried dating apps. I made a decision about two years ago that I don’t want to date anyone in the business. So as you can imagine, that makes it a little bit difficult. I’m dating my career. I’m sure you are as well.

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