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Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating? Who Is the Bling Empire Cast’s New Boyfriend? What Is Her Relationship With Simu Liu?

Oct 11, 2022 @ 1:36 EDT
Who Is Kelly Mi Li Dating? Who Is the Bling Empire Cast’s New Boyfriend? What Is Her Relationship With Simu Liu?

Kelly Mi Li, one of the cast members of Netflix's Bling Empire, recently confirmed that she is currently dating her new boyfriend. However, she has not revealed the identity of her new partner. Additionally, many viewers believe she might be in a relationship with the Marvel superstar, Simu Liu.

Bling Empire, a Netflix original series, follows some of the wealthiest East Asians and South East Asians in Los Angeles, California. Given the small number of individuals who match the stated requirements, most of them are quite familiar with one another and frequently interact at lavish events. The reality show participants experience plenty of drama, heartbreak, betrayal, and competitiveness, among other things, just like any other social group.

Kelly Mi Li was in a terrible on-and-off relationship with former red Power Ranger Andrew "Drew" Gray when Netflix viewers first encountered her on the first season of Bling Empire. Despite their breakup while production, the Season 1 finale ended with them reuniting. Before Season 2, the couple broke up once more, but the second season's climax featured an unexpected appearance by Andrew as well. About five months passed before fans learned if he had come back to the show to reunite with Kelly.

Kelly Mi Li was ready to move on with her dating life when the cameras returned for Season 3 of Bling Empire. The reality star announced that she was dating a new person before the end of the season. As a result, viewers have been desperate to know about her new boyfriend. Well, we've got you covered.

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Kelly Mi Li Confirms She Is Dating Her New Boyfriend: Is She in a Relationship With Simu Liu? Bling Empire Update!

Now that we know Kelly Mi Li (@kellymili) is now dating her new boyfriend, let's have a glimpse at her journey. Early on in Season 3, Bling Empire star Kane Lim tried his hardest to match her with his friend John, but after just a few dates, they discovered there was no chemistry. By the finale, Kelly had confessed that she was dating someone else, however, she wasn't ready to reveal his identity to her friends.

Kelly acknowledged being in a relationship in The One that Got Away, the third season's tenth and final episode. Despite being eager to reveal the details of his friend's new relationship, Kane was able to keep any information about him a secret. Christine Chiu questioned whether Kelly and Andrew had maybe resumed their relationship, which Kelly quickly rejected. However, she added that she genuinely wishes the best for her ex and that she believes he is a wonderful person.

Kelly Mi Li admitted that she is in love during a confessional even though she kept her new boyfriend's identity a secret. Talking about her new boyfriend, she said, "You'll meet him when the time is right." She further added, "For sure I've been hurt a lot in the past. But I've finally found love...I think I want to introduce him to the group slowly, and I'm excited to see where it goes."

Similarly, Kelly spoke about dating a new man in an interview with ET. She explained,

I definitely found the one. It’s true, when you find the one you just know… there are still really good guys out there. I can list and list, he’s literally everything I have ever wanted.

Kelly Mi Li continued to tease her new romance on her Instagram feed after Season 3 of the Netflix series premiered. She confirmed that she is still dating the unidentified man. On October 6, a member of the O.G. Bling Empire cast posted a video of her talking about her ideal partner.

In the video, Kelly described her ideal partner as someone who is non-judgmental, gentle, grounded, true, and honest. In the video, she listed a number of attributes before joking that she was only looking for the basic stuff. If Bling Empire does return, fans might get to see Kelly's ongoing relationship with her unidentified boyfriend in Season 4.

On the other hand, many people believe that she might be dating Simu Liu. They surely have been good friends for a time now. However, we don't think the Marvel superstar might be Kelly's mysterious boyfriend.

Here Is Why Kelly Mi Li Broke up With Andrew Gray!

It was revealed that one of the Bling Empire cast members was seeing Andrew Gray. The way the Red Power Ranger actor Andrew Gray handled Kelly Mi Li in Season 1 also contributed to the audience's hatred of their romantic relationship.

As she continued to aggravate their argument by calling Andrew while he was sleeping at the hotel and she was out shopping in Paris with Anna, the tension between Andrew and Kelly grew.

The couple attends couples counseling throughout the first season in an effort to resolve their conflicts, but in the end, they decide to go their own ways. Although it seemed like they had settled their disagreements by the end of the season, which was filmed in 2019, they made their official breakup announcement in March 2021.

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