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Who Does Summer End up With in Surviving Summer? Do Ari and Summer Get Together?

Jun 10, 2022 @ 11:09 EDT
Who Does Summer End up With in Surviving Summer? Do Ari and Summer Get Together?

Summer Torres (played by Sky Katz) does not end up with anybody at the end of Netflix's Surviving Summer. However, she does share a kiss with Ari Gibson (played by Kai Lewins) and we can expect the couple to get together in Season 2. Moreover, Summer and Ari are not related to each other and definitely not cousins. Some Reddit users wonder how Surviving Summer ends up for Summer, well, we've got you covered.

Netflix has you covered if you're craving a bright and sunny summer vacation filled with beaches, surfing, and partying. Surviving Summer, the streaming platform's latest teen drama, premiered on Netflix on Friday and has already entered the UK top 10 and been a major hit with viewers.

The Australian series features a rebellious American teen, Summer Torres, who gets expelled from school and goes to live in Australia. Despite her concerns at first, she takes an affection for the town and the group of young surfers she meets.

Summer creates a disturbance in the inner circle of a young surfer and leaves a disaster in her wake. She's forced to spend the summer in the little village of Shorehaven on Victoria's Great Ocean Road, where surfing isn't just a hobby, but a way of life.

With her spoiled life, the Netflix series also gives the story an interesting climax with the love life of some characters. Of course, being the main character of the show, Summer also gets involved in romance. However, what happens at the end of the show? Who does she end up with? Well, let's find it out.

Previously, we touched on the cast and Season 2. Likewise, we discussed Ari Gibson.

Surviving Summer: How Does the Show End up for Summer? Ending Explained!

Summer Torres, played by Sky Katz (@skykatz), learns that her mother has been allocated a job in the Middle East and is leaving her to be with an old friend's family in Australia after being expelled for the second time. She meets Abbie and her husband, Thommo, as well as their two children, Ari and Honey when she arrives. Summer plans a flight to New York with her mother's credit card, intending to escape the next morning.

She meets Bodhi and Poppy soon after, and they invite her to a party. She slips away on her first and last night in Shorehaven, with Ari following behind her, ordered to keep an eye on her. Ari is grounded after his parents catch them at the party.

Ari returns to surfing after a year of rehabilitation following a surfing accident. However, memories of the incident trigger panic attacks, which Summer helps him overcome. This costs her trip to the airport, and she misses her flight as a result.

Summer tells Ari to alert someone who might be able to help him if he has an attack while in the water. Taking her advice, he visits coach Manu, who offers him nervousness, assuming he has common anxiousness.

Summer spends the majority of her time with Ari, Marlon, Bodhi, and Poppy, learning more about friendship and group thinking, which she seemed to struggle with at the beginning of the show. The gang competes in surfing tournaments together, occasionally encountering minor setbacks that they manage to overcome.

Summer prepares to leave Shorehaven as the time to return home approaches, but her mother has other ideas. Summer learns that her mother is planning for her to stay with the Gibsons for another three months, without considering how she might feel about it. She makes her way to Stairway, the same cliff where Ari's elbow was hurt.

Summer bumps into Ari and Marlon there and makes a defiant attempt by jumping into the sea. The three avoid any disasters, but Ari is punished as soon as his parents learn of the situation. Meanwhile, Summer's mother, Margot, is compelled to make her way back and pick up her daughter.

Summer's rebellious and reckless behaviors appear to have rubbed off on Ari, who prefers to follow regulations. Ari, unlike her, is eager to give up as soon as he encounters a major hurdle. She encourages Ari to break rules if they prevent him from accomplishing his goals. Ari and Summer start enjoying each other's company a little too much' We can assume the couple started feeling for each other.

Summer and Ari share a kiss or two at the end of the first season of Surviving Summer, but they don't end up in a committed relationship. At the end of episode 9, the two put their past conflicts and humiliations aside and share a kiss, both expressing their dissatisfaction at Summer's departure.

Summer's upset mother comes on the scene, preparing to take her daughter back to New York, interrupting the romantic moment. So, yeah, Summer does not end up with anybody at the end of the show. The series' last scenes show Ari and Summer returning to their respective homes, with Ari surfing with his friends on the beach and Summer going to New York.

Before you leave, learn more about who Ari ends up with.

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